What have you people done?

I know I said I'd be on hiatus at this point, but you know what? I'm cancelling the hiatus. Not that the Puga thing wasn't substantial, but I really got way too worked up over it. First off, I'd like to thank you all for the massive success the list has gotten, it's way more than I could have possibly hoped for, and I'm really grateful.

Okay, compliments over now. Beyond how much attention the list has gotten, you all have pretty much botched the list entirely. I've said before how I don't think Baby deserves to be #1 on the Worst Songs Of All Time. In fact, I don't even think it's one of the 10 worst hit songs from the year it came out in. Now obviously it's a terrible song, but I'd like people to explain why Baby is so terrible, as in worse than all the songs on the original list.

FUN FACT: Before admin checked over the list, it was called "Top Ten Songs That Deserve To Be Hated More Than Baby By Justin Bieber".

With that in mind, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION I GAVE FOR EACH SONG AND THE DESCRIPTION FOR THE LIST, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OBVIOUS THAT BABY WAS INTENDED NOT TO BE THERE. Even worse, you guys kept voting for it, even after I told people not to on its item. Now it's at #2, and if it reaches #1 I'm officially considering the list a lost cause.

Plus, you can't know that every Justin Bieber song is bad just because of who made it. The only people you can do that to are Rae Sremmurd. Actually listen to all his songs, none of them are actual worst-of-all-time material besides Lolly. Everything Bieber does bad almost everything else in its league does worse. Bad writing? U.O.E.N.O. promoted date rape, Karate Chop shamelessly referenced Emmett Till. Repetitivity? Baby repeated its title 54 times. My N***a did 124 times. Imma Be did 106 times. Versacé did 115 times. My X did it at least 67 times. Whiny vocals? Anything by Rae Sremmurd or Young Thug. Bad music? Again, anything by Rae Sremmurd, U.O.E.N.O., and any dance song that came out last year.

To add to this, I wanted the list to be fresh and at least in the tiniest bit innovative. Nope! Too much to ask from a crowd of biased 13 year olds. Again, every negative list has Justin Bieber at #1, how about someting to break up the lull of monotony? Again, too much to ask. It's seriously detracting from the quality of the list, and for the sake of originality, I found worse songs than Baby on purpose.

So, if you're reading this, please refrain from voting Baby to #1, and for remixers, put it in the DHMs. And if you are not going to abide by either, you are detracting from what could have been a promising list. I know this entire post may come off as harsh and disrespectful, but it's kind of what happens when you ignore the entire basis of a list's intent. This is WonkeyDude98, a dude who is back on.


Ding. I'm glad you're back. I thought you would be leaving, so yay! - RiverClanRocks

I wouldn't be back if I didn't love this site so much. (Call it tough love) - WonkeyDude98

Or that you loved me so much. Hehe... - RiverClanRocks

Don't kid yourself. Nah, I'm kidding. - WonkeyDude98

I reckon the problem with being critical of Baby is that, since it's five to six years old, everyone and their dog has made fun of it. And with a billion people mocking it, you can bet your buttocks that almost all of the people criticizing it have the exact same points (i.e. the repetition, the bland instrumentation, the singing (which I don't have a problem with, because he stays on key and on time)). It becomes equivalent to an entire classroom reading the same oral report.

In layman's terms, everyone hits the same nail on the head every time they criticize the song, instead of trying to find other criticisms in the song. - visitor

Baby isn't even entirely flawed, say the fact that it's harmless and has a decent tempo. The point of this list was to find songs that deserve to be hated more than Baby, songs that can actually do damage to society in ways Baby couldn't even hope to do.

And yes, people need to bring up something new to say about it, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that explains my opinion of songs I hate at all. - WonkeyDude98

The only artist that hasn't made a song over 0/5 is obviously Tyga. - AlphaQ

There have now been a lot of songs worse than Baby. It's just so hard to convince morons to not vote for Baby as it already deserved the hate it got. - visitor

I agree with all of that except the last bit. - WonkeyDude98

If you think Baby got so much hate, then I meant that those abovementioned songs deserve A LOT MORE HATE. You get it? - visitor

Ohhh you're right then. You should have said "it got the hate it deserved" not "it deserved the hate it got". - WonkeyDude98

Justin Bieber is like that kid in classic which the teachers hate very much and punnish way too much for anything. - Martinglez

class* - Martinglez

Pretty much. - WonkeyDude98

I've been in the same situation as you on my "Top 10 Anime Characters That Deserve to Be Hated the Most" list. I swear, there were so many people voting for Serena so much that she was close to being first place above worse characters like Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist and Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I actually hate Serena that much, sorry. - WonkeyDude98

SAME. Serena is the worst thing is anime, cartoons, and television in general. She tried to kill me and my Andrew TWICE! (That's something only Andrew would understand, it's just between the two of us) - RiverClanRocks

WonkeyDude98, please don't tell me Pokemon is the only anime you watch. You've at least heard about Fullmetal Alchemist, right? Everyone in the anime community hates Shou Tucker! And for good reason as well! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Please don't kill me... - WonkeyDude98

Don't worry. I wasn't trying to be vicious towards you, WonkeyDude98. I apologize if I was being too rabid. However, I do think Fullmetal Alchemist would be a great anime for you to watch, even though I haven't seen it yet. I'll try not to be too rabid next time. I just overreacted too much. Sorry about that. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's perfectly fine. After stuff I've seen it's nothing. - WonkeyDude98

I don't even watch anime (guilty as charged because my art style tells different), but I already know straight off the bat Serena is dreadful. - Swellow

Honestly, I want to kill Sakura - visitor

Chi chi sucks though - AlphaQ

Yeah, I wish they could have at least made Serena be someone like Saber from Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works or Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online. But nope! The writers of the Pokemon anime just had to go and make Serena a complete sex toy! By the way, I might as well recommend those anime that I just mentioned as well while I'm at it! At least Saber and Asuna are 10 times better than Serena! Yep, I'm getting obsessed with Fate/Stay Night now as well. As if RiverClanRocks pointing out my obsession with Sword Art Online wasn't enough. I plan to watch Fate/Zero first and then Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. I'm a bit skeptical about watching the 2006 Studio Deen anime adaptation of the original Fate/Stay Night, though I might most likely still watch it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Serena makes N seem distinctive. And in the anime, I DESPISE N. - WonkeyDude98

If you want a good anime character whose name is one single letter, you're looking at L from Death Note, not N from Pokemon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

South Park is lief. Is anime. - AlphaQ

Anyways, let me ask this question again. Do you only watch Pokemon or have you seen other anime as well? No pressure. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Guiltily, only Pokemon, and even then the BW anime was so horrible I don't even watch that anymore. - WonkeyDude98

Maybe if you have the time, try streaming on Crunchyroll for some anime that might interest you. You can watch anime for free on there, though you will have to put up with ads. Some anime series I can name straight off the bat would be Sword Art Online (you already knew that was coming), Fate/Zero, Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Parasyte -the maxim-, and etc. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

More good anime include Akame ga Kill, God Eater, Overlord, Seraph of the End, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Noragami, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Ufotable version only), Dangan Ronpa, etc. - SelfDestruct

I've only watched Tokyo Ghoul...and South Park! - AlphaQ

Yea I watch anime. - DankGodX

SelfDestruct would probably think good songs we love deserve to be hated the most. My God, does he have bad taste in J-Pop music! He hates good female J-Pop singers like LiSA and Eir Aoi! And those two are my favorite music artists! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If you want good music, you are looking at the following: Rae Sremmurd, Meek MIll, Future, etc. - SelfDestruct

Rae Sremmurd are the worst artists of all time.

Meek Mill has grown on me, but he's still terrible.

Future ruins all things he touches. - WonkeyDude98

Woo! Andrew owned you, SelfDestruct! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ehhh. - WonkeyDude98

I try too hard to be cool, don't I? :( - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Seriously dude, American rap (A-Rap) is good. Better than J-Pop in my opinion. - SelfDestruct

And no. He hasn't owned me yet. Nor was I intending to start a fight. I like Rae Sremmurd, Meek Mill, and Future, so there is nothing wrong with recommendations. - SelfDestruct

American rap is indeed good, but Rae Sremmurd and Future are probably the worst possible recommendations. I could go on for days as to how Swae Lee is even more moronic than you and Linnea (keep in mind the username I called out) combined, but that's for another day. - WonkeyDude98

SelfDestruct is probably gonna self destruct after hearing how many people think Rae Sremmurd is s**t - AlphaQ

@Wonkey at least Selfie didn't say Tyga or a naked tiger-human hybrid that's has sex with goats aka the worst artist ever created will take over the world and fart on a cushion - AlphaQ

That's also dry! - Nateawesomeness

I don't get it. - WonkeyDude98

It's from a chat we had a long time ago - Nateawesomeness

Also,this is a butthurt post,enough said - Nateawesomeness

I guess. But it's not really my fault. - WonkeyDude98

At least doesn't deserve to be hated as much as anything by Imagine Dragons or Maroon 5. - visitor

Not my point lol - WonkeyDude98

Hey, M_L123, how so? - ProPanda

I guess I don't know why I made this comment. Why did you call Metallica a hit-or-miss band, anyway? - visitor

You can file an error report and request that the song be removed. Hopefully it works. I make error reports for others lists and sometimes my own for various reasons. It sucks that people don't know how to READ! It's really annoying. I just try to make my requests for non-inclusions as obvious as possible but none of my lists have really taken off enough for something like this to be a major problem. That's my advice if it's still a problem. I wish it was possible for a user to delete their own lists but I don't think Admin is interested in giving us such power. - theOpinionatedOne

WRONG the only artist you can do that is sam Hunt, Tyga or Burgore.. - DankGodX