Songs That Didn't Win Eurovision But Should Have


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1 Shady Lady - Ani Lorak (Ukraine, ESC 2008)

She was million times better than Dima Bilan - Alexandr

I can't stand with this one...

But Vania is better than Ani Lorak for a hundred times Portugal should have won that year

It was awful. - AdamDestructorJr.

2 Is It True? - Yohanna (Iceland, ESC 2009)

Marvelous song, great voice, beautiful woman - Alexandr

No ways, she is awful, worst of the worst of 2009.

3 Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka (Ukraine, ESC 2007)

In my opinion should Ukraine have won in 2007 and then Serbia in 2008. - Asge2361

One of the funniest and most entertaining performances on Eurovision - Alexandr

I hate this song with a passion.

Honestly, this song made the year god-awful. It is an undeserved second place. Molitva is a deserved winner.

4 In a Moment Like This - Chanee and N'evergreen (Denmark, ESC 2010)

Best song from ESC 2010 - Alexandr

5 Playing with Fire - Paula Seling and Ovi (Romania, ESC 2010)
6 Popular - Eric Saade (Sweden, ESC 2011)

This guy made a very cool show, nice performance - Alexandr


7 Grande Amore - Il Volo (Italy Esc 2015)

It did win, the juries just screwed Italy over and gave it to Sweden instead.
So they amended it by giving the juries more power. Hah. - AdamDestructorJr.

8 Let Me Try - Luminita Anghel and Sistem (Romania, ESC 2005)

Brilliant song and powerful performance. She was true winner in 2005 - Alexandr

9 Apricot Stone - Eva Rivas (Armenia, ESC 2010)
10 Calm After the Storm - The Common Linnets (The Netherlands Esc 2014

Just the best not even joking

Such an amazing song.

The Contenders

11 Occidentali's Karma - Francesco Gabbani (Italy, Esc 2017)

Too intellectual and meaningful for this bad event. Like 24k gold stored in a plastic bag.

12 We Could Be the Same - maNga (Turkey, ESC 2010)

This is literally one of the. Eat ESC sings ever, how did it not win over the AWFUL satellite?!

Amazing band (just check out their other songs), strong perfomance, really good song. My favorite ESC artist, hands down.

13 You're the Only One - Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016)

It won the televote, so it did win in a sense. - AdamDestructorJr.

14 Hasheket Shenish'ar - Shiri Maimon (Israel, ESC 2005)

Another great song that could've been an awesome winner - Alexandr

15 Gravity - Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine, ESC 2013)

Such a good song! I don't know how it didn't win!

By far the greatest voice and the most beautiful girl on Eurovision 2013.
Fabulous song - Alexandr

16 O Mie - Aliona Moon (Moldova, ESC 2013)
17 You and Me - Takasa (Switzerland, ESC 2013)

Amazing song. Powerful and has an awesome and meaningful lyrics. But damn it's underrated...

18 Secret Combination - Kalomoira (Greece, 2008)

I loved the song! I love Kalomoira! The best of 2008! I'm from Spain!

Perfect! Better than bilan...

19 Lane Moje - Zeljko Joksimovic and Ad Hoc Orchestra (Serbia & Montenegro 2004)
20 Qele - Qele (Remix) (Armenia 2008)

Catchy, and one of their best. I LOVE IT!

She is better than Ani Lorak

21 Andras Kallay Saunders Running (Hungary Esc 2014)
22 A Luta E Alegria - Homens Da Luta (Portugal, ESC 2011)

I loved the song, I love the band, Portugal do the best songs!

No, this is just awful :S

23 Not Alone - Aram Mp3 (Armenia Esc 2014)

Great song! I just love it.

24 Undo - Sanna Nielsen (Sweden, Esc 2014)

Once again Sweden sent a powerful and catchy ballad.
I love it!

25 Leave Me Alone - Hanna Pakarinen (Finland 2007)

This is hands down the best ESC non winner ever.

26 Warrior - Nina Sublatti (Georgia 2015)
27 Warrior - Amber (Malta 2015)
28 Children of the Universe - Molly Smitten-Downes (United Kingdom 2014)
29 Alter Ego - Minus One
30 Congratulations - Cliff Richard (UK 1968)
31 Higher Ground - Rasmussen
32 Randaj├Ąd - Urban Symphony (Estonia 2009)

Absolute PERFECTION. Marvelous song and a very talented singer, beautiful performance... Just PERFECT.

33 Senhora Do Mar - Vania Fernandes (Portugal 2008)
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1. Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka (Ukraine, ESC 2007)
2. Grande Amore - Il Volo (Italy Esc 2015)
3. Undo - Sanna Nielsen (Sweden, Esc 2014)
1. Shady Lady - Ani Lorak (Ukraine, ESC 2008)
2. Is It True? - Yohanna (Iceland, ESC 2009)
3. In a Moment Like This - Chanee and N'evergreen (Denmark, ESC 2010)


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