Best Songs from the Dillinger Escape Plan's Irony is a Dead Scene

Irony Is a Dead Scene is the third EP by American mathcore band, The Dillinger Escape Plan. It was recorded with Mike Patton and released on May 22, 2002. This is a unique record by them as it features Mike Patton (Mr Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk etc.) on vocals.

The Top Ten

1 When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

The use of vocals such as overlaid chanting give the song some form of atmosphere despite the absolute chaos that the song contains. Once the song slows down, I find it to be even better due to the sudden outbursts before becoming quite once again. - kempokid

2 Hollywood Squares

I love this song, Mike's vocals are put to full display and the structure of the song is beyond insane, jumping around every 30 seconds more or less. - kempokid

My favorite Dillinger song - cjWriter1997

3 Pig Latin

This honestly sounds like a Mr Bungle song at multiple points. especially with the clash of genres ranging from tribal, to standard mathcore. Everything about this song is beyond weird and it's probably my favourite song the TDEP have made. - kempokid

4 Come to Daddy

While this is not as good as the other songs in my opinion, I really love the drumming in this particular song, due to it's slightly more restrained nature and just sounding awesome. Patton also screams like a monster here. - kempokid

Really amazing cover of the Aphex Twin song. Almost as frightening as the original - cjWriter1997

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