Top 10 Best Songs that Dimebag Darrell Has Played on that Aren't Pantera Songs

This list is for the songs that Dimebag Darrell has Played on that aren't pantera songs you may be surprised with what tracks he has played on and what bands he played with.

The Top Ten

1 Inside Out - Anthrax Inside Out - Anthrax

He plays the Guitar Solo in this song and this is my Favorite Anthrax song - christangrant

2 Pride - Damageplan

He plays guitar in this great groovy track by Damageplan - christangrant

3 F*** You - Damageplan

He plays guitar on this one and this song features Corey Taylor from Slipknot on Guest Vocals - christangrant

4 Side of a Bullet - Nickelback

Yes I'm not joking he has played on this song a unused solo by him was given to Nickelback by Vinnie Paul to use in this track which is a tribute to Dimebag Darrell - christangrant

5 Blunt Force Trauma - Damageplan

A great song by Damageplan (by the way Dimebag Darrell plays on every Damageplan song) - christangrant

6 Wake Up - Damageplan
7 Save Me - Damageplan

Best Damageplan song

8 Born Again Idiot - Anthrax

This was the other song on Vol 8 that had Dime playing the solo - christangrant

9 Strap It On - Anthrax

This was one of the last Tracks he played on before he died - christangrant

10 Cadillac Rock Box - Anthrax

He plays guitar on this song - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Voodoo - King Diamond

He plays the solo - christangrant

12 Nothin' to Lose - Rebel Meets Rebel
13 I Don't Care Anymore - Hellyeah

This is a Phil Collins Cover this is one of the last tracks that Dimebag Darrell has played on - christangrant

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