Top Ten Best Songs from Disc One of Soilwork's the Living Infinite

The Living Infinite is Soilwork's first double album, and could even be considered their best work to date. Disc one of the album alone features 10 amazing tracks, all of which will get stuck in your head if you listen enough.

The Top Ten

1 Memories Confined Memories Confined Cover Art
2 Vesta Vesta Cover Art
3 Spectrum of Eternity Spectrum of Eternity Cover Art
4 This Momentary Bliss This Momentary Bliss Cover Art
5 Tongue Tongue Cover Art
6 The Living Infinite I The Living Infinite I Cover Art
7 Let the First Wave Rise Let the First Wave Rise Cover Art
8 The Windswept Mercy The Windswept Mercy Cover Art
9 Realm of the Wasted Realm of the Wasted Cover Art
10 Whispers and Lights Whispers and Lights Cover Art
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