Best Songs on Discharge's Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

This was a album that was very influential towards Thrash Metal (Discharge are a Hardcore Punk band but also played Thrash Metal) and several of the songs from this album have been covered by several notable artists which include, Metallica, Anthrax, Machine Head, Soulfly and many more, it was also influential towards other genres such as, Black Metal, Crust Punk and Grindcore.

The Top Ten

Protest and Survive

Covered by Anthrax, the cover appears on their Attack of the Killer B's album - christangrant

The Possibility of Life's Destruction

Covered by Machine Head as a bonus track for their The More Things Change... album and Soulfly as a bonus track for their Debut album. - christangrant

Free Speech for the Dumb

Covered by Metallica on disc 1 of Garage Inc - christangrant

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Drunk with Power
A Hell on Earth
Never Again
The Nightmare Continues
State Violence/State Control
The Blood Runs Red

The Contenders

The Final Blood Bath
The End
Q: And Children? A: And Children
Cries of Help
I Won't Subscribe
Death Dealers
Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
Where There's a Will There's a Way
In Defence of Our Future
Anger Burning
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