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1 Better In Stereo

I love Dove and I will always love her. This song is amazing!

I love dove she's so pretty! - R5er786

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2 Party In the USA

Miley (From Hanna Montana) sings this it is the best

3 Had Me @ Hello

Olivia Holt (From the movie girl vs Monster) sings this Lovely song

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4 Something to Dance For

I thank Rocky rocked out that song

5 Fearless

Olivia Holt (From the movie Girl vs Monster) Sings this song

6 On Top of the World (Dove Cameron)

Dove Cameron did't sing Liv from the show live and Maddie sang it.

7 Remember Me
8 Supergirl Supergirl

Miley (From Hanna Montana) sings this song it should be #2

9 Same Heart
10 Ready or Not

Best song ever! Great vocals and meaningful lyrics. So under rated

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11 Watch Me

Aww! This song is Awesome! I won the first prize in my inerschool competition because I sang dis song! Great Job Zendaya and Bella! ( well I think zendaya was better than bella! )

12 Ttylxox
13 Get Your Sparkle On
14 Take On the World - Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter
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