Best Songs from the Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure Soundtrack

Talk underrated games and this one of those hidden gems.

The Top Ten

1 The Energy - Audiovent UListen to Sample
2 Downfall - Trustcompany UListen to Sample
3 Grow Up - Simple Plan UListen to Sample
4 Pacific Coast Party - Smash Mouth UListen to Sample
5 Sell Out - Reel Big Fish UListen to Sample
6 Somewhere On Fullerton - Allister UListen to Sample
7 Where's Your Head At? - Basement Jaxx UListen to Sample
8 Live In Stereo - Newsboys UListen to Sample
9 Spinnin' Around - Jump5 UListen to Sample
10 Get a Clue - Simon & Milo UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Perfect Kinda Day - Lisa W.
12 Here We Go - Grits UListen to Sample
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Top Remixes

1. Downfall - Trustcompany
2. The Energy - Audiovent
3. Spinnin' Around - Jump5
1. The Energy - Audiovent
2. Downfall - Trustcompany
3. Grow Up - Simple Plan


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