Top Ten Best Songs from the Disturbed Album Immortalized

This list compiles the best songs from the 2015 studio album from Disturbed, 'Immortalized'.

The Top Ten

1 The Vengeful One

I hate to say this but this is actually one of the few songs from this album I likes - Metalmaniakkk

2 The Sound of Silence

Instantly Classic. This is one of their best songs. Period. Only Down with the Sickness can top this. Best cover song since Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt.

Gears of War 4 trailer song...

3 The Light

The greatest song of all time.

It was a good song at first but the radio played it SO many times and I don't like it anymore. my favorite is sound of the silence. that is such a good song. I didn't even know David's voice could go that low.

4 Immortalized

Probaly my favorite from this album

5 Legion of Monsters

This song should be in the top 5! It delivers a good message. David Draiman once explained that the song is about society creating maniacs by glamorizing them and making them larger than life. every time they take a life it's not the victims that are on the screen. We need to know more about the person or people who committed the crime. This encourages a new generation of wannabe maniacs to do the same thing, to get the same glory, to die in infamy.

One of the best songs on the album in my opinion. I love the song musically, lyrically, and it has a great pace. - Dan Robinson October 21, 2018 12:53 AM EST

6 Never Wrong

Amazing chorus! Really underrated song. It’s the best on this album after The Vengeful One in my opinion.

7 Fire It Up
8 The Brave and the Bold

Another song nobody mentions. - Cyri

This is my moms favorite song - Spongebob12

9 What Are You Waiting For
10 Open Your Eyes

The Contenders

11 Save Our Last Goodbye

Probably my favorite of the album, it's intro, it's story, the verses are quick, the pre-chorus gets to that point where it's ready to hit you, the chorus suddenly comes in and gets your head into the song

How is this last

12 Who Taught You How to Hate

This was the best on this album

13 You're Mine
14 Who

My least favorite

15 The Eye of the Storm
16 Warning Sign
17 Tyrant
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1. The Vengeful One
2. The Sound of Silence
3. The Brave and the Bold
1. The Vengeful One
2. The Light
3. The Sound of Silence
1. The Vengeful One
2. Immortalized
3. The Sound of Silence

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