Top Ten Songs that Don't Deserve to Be on the Worst Songs of 2017 List


The Top Ten

1 Rockabye - Clean Bandit

No, the song is good. I don't think it deserves it. - MissRWBY202

Not a bad song - DaisyandRosalina

This is good - DCfnaf

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2 1-800-273-8255 - Logic

Deserves it. - DCfnaf

Deserves it... it's a awful song.

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3 Gorgeous - Taylor Swift

That definitely deserves it. The lyrics are so bad I get a headache. - MissRWBY202

Meh, don't know how much mediocre songs deserved it - DaisyandRosalina

Deserves it. - DCfnaf

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4 Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

Eeh no, it deserved it - DaisyandRosalina

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5 Slow Hands - Niall Horan UListen to Sample
6 The Way I are (Dance with Somebody) - Bebe Rexha UListen to Sample
7 Drinkin' Too Much - Sam Hunt

NO. - DCfnaf

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8 Sign of the Times - Harry Styles

All of the crappy songs this year were on the list but not this? - 445956

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9 Issues - Julia Michaels

Deserves it. - DCfnaf

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10 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 I Got You - Bebe Rexha UListen to Sample
12 No Plan - David Bowie

David Bowie is good, but I'm not a fan of him. He may have gotten downhill, but he makes enjoyable songs and is talented. Does not deserve it. - MissRWBY202

The troll got Drinkin' Too Much above all the Bowie songs. - 445956

Definitely doesn’t deserve it. David Bowie is not worst list material. - DCfnaf

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13 Not Afraid Anymore - Halsey

I know people don't like this song, but I feel like it shouldn't be on there because it IS talented and it's my favorite song

It deserves it, Because it's untalented, And it's the worst song ever

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14 What About Us - P!nk

A sellout song? This is a great song that put her back on her feet after the crap that was "Just Like Fire." - 445956

It's not bad! Why was it on that list anyway? - DaisyandRosalina

Probably because someone just hated it because it was on the radio all the time. That's actually why I hated it for a while. - allamassal

This is a bit of a sellout song, but it’s too mediocre to deserve the bad list. - DCfnaf

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15 Ravens - Mount Eerie Ravens - Mount Eerie

This is of the most emotional, raw, and heartbreaking songs of the year, why would you put this on the worst list? - DCfnaf

16 Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith UListen to Sample
17 Killing a Little Time - David Bowie UListen to Sample
18 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran UListen to Sample
19 Bom Bidi Bom - Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj UListen to Sample
20 That's What I Like - Bruno Mars Peter Gene Hernandez, professionally known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer. more. UListen to Sample
21 When I Met You - David Bowie UListen to Sample
22 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul UListen to Sample
23 Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt UListen to Sample
24 Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black UListen to Sample
25 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

As a person who think this song is damn mediocre. I think it actually deserves because it's one of the worst off the Reputation album. But by no means it deserves to be #5 to me. To me it deserves to be around the 20 spot. Because there are worse like Jocelyn Flores, etc. - MissRWBY202

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26 Bingo - Jacob Sartorius

Way better than David Bowie

Can't believe you guys are feeding this guy. His taste makes it so obvious he's a troll - DCfnaf

David Bowie is way better - 445956

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27 Bon Appetit - Katy Perry

This was WAAAY too "sexy". Deserves it. - MissRWBY202

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28 Happy Ending - Hopsin

I'd like to know who added this atrocious disaster to the list. - StarlightSpanks

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29 Juju on That Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall UListen to Sample
30 Lemon - N.E.R.D & Rihanna UListen to Sample
31 First Day Out - Kodak Black

This song has a good message

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32 Bad and Boujee - Migos UListen to Sample
33 Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea UListen to Sample
34 Wild Love - Cashmere Cat UListen to Sample
35 Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled UListen to Sample
36 Swang - Rae Sremmurd UListen to Sample
37 Jordans - Jacob Sartorius Jordans - Jacob Sartorius
38 These Heaux - Bhad Bhabie

Deserves it - Selfiefan68

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39 Ohio Fried Chicken - Jake Paul

No Jake Paul song deserves to be on a worst list

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40 Jake Paulers - Jake Paul UListen to Sample
41 Jerika - Jake Paul & Erika Costell UListen to Sample
42 That Ain't On the News - Jake Paul UListen to Sample
43 Hit Me Back - Jacob Sartorius

No Jacob Sarttorius deserves it either

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44 By Your Side - Jacob Sartorius UListen to Sample
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1. Sign of the Times - Harry Styles
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1. 1-800-273-8255 - Logic
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3. Rockabye - Clean Bandit


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