Best Songs On Dr. Dre's 2001


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1 Forgot About Dre

Love the Chorus!


2 Still D.R.E.

Are you serious? This song has a nice instrumental. Dr. Dre's flow is sick! Definitely #1

When this song is #2 on best dr dre songs overall and forgot about dre is #3. This makes no sense

Stupid Eminem Fans, Snoop and Dre are better

I eat that beat like it's breakfast - hiphopgod

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3 What's the Difference
4 The Next Episode

Great beat, Dre, Snoop, and Nate Dogg have crazy verses, and this song is just a certified classic. definitely the best on here


5 The Watcher
6 Xxplosive

How the hell is this not higher? This beat is crazy and Nate dogg has an INSANE verse. A top 3 song on this album.

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7 F*** You

By far my favorite song by dre. Snoop made this one great as well

8 Murder Ink
9 The Message
10 B**** N*****

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11 Bang Bang
12 Some L.A. N****s
13 Let's Get High
14 Housewife
15 Big Ego's
16 Ackrite

Voted so it can be higher, but the beat on this song is RIDICULOUS. If you haven't heard this song definitely listen to it. In my opinion the watcher is the best song on the album.

17 Light Speed
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1. Forgot About Dre
2. The Watcher
3. Bang Bang
1. Forgot About Dre
2. Still D.R.E.
3. The Next Episode
1. Still D.R.E.
2. Xxplosive
3. The Next Episode

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