Best Songs from Dragonforce's Reaching Into Infinity

The Top Ten

Midnight Madness Midnight Madness Cover Art
War! War! Cover Art

Top 5
1. WAR
2. Ashes of the dawn
3. Curse of darkness
4. Land of shattered dreams
5.Hatred and revenge - Rathernotbenamed

Judgement Day Judgement Day Cover Art
Ashes of the Dawn Ashes of the Dawn Cover Art

My top 5
1. Ashes of the dawn
2. Land of shattered dream
3. WAR!
4. Curse of darkness
5. Hatred and revenge - Rathernotbenamed

Not number 1! One of my favorite dragonforce songs!

Astral Empire Astral Empire Cover Art
Curse of Darkness Curse of Darkness Cover Art
Land of Shattered Dreams Land of Shattered Dreams Cover Art
The Edge of the World The Edge of the World Cover Art

Very different from your usual Dragonforce song. Slower and with a lot less crazy guitar work, but I still really like the tune, and there is a good mix of soft and heavy sections to be enjoyed. - SuperSonic17

Our Final Stand Our Final Stand Cover Art
Evil Dead Evil Dead Cover Art

The Contenders

Reaching Into Infinity Reaching Into Infinity Cover Art
Silence Silence Cover Art
Hatred and Revenge Hatred and Revenge Cover Art
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