Best Songs from Dragonforce's Reaching Into Infinity

The Top Ten Best Songs from Dragonforce's Reaching Into Infinity

1 Midnight Madness
2 War!

Top 5
1. WAR
2. Ashes of the dawn
3. Curse of darkness
4. Land of shattered dreams
5.Hatred and revenge - Rathernotbenamed

3 Judgement Day
4 Ashes of the Dawn

My top 5
1. Ashes of the dawn
2. Land of shattered dream
3. WAR!
4. Curse of darkness
5. Hatred and revenge - Rathernotbenamed

Not number 1! One of my favorite dragonforce songs!

5 Astral Empire
6 Curse of Darkness
7 Land of Shattered Dreams
8 The Edge of the World

Very different from your usual Dragonforce song. Slower and with a lot less crazy guitar work, but I still really like the tune, and there is a good mix of soft and heavy sections to be enjoyed. - SuperSonic17

9 Our Final Stand
10 Evil Dead

The Contenders

11 Reaching Into Infinity
12 Silence
13 Hatred and Revenge
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