Top 10 Best Songs from Drake Bell's Ready Steady Go!

Ready Steady Go! is the Third studio album by Drake Bell. Unlike the previous two albums this album focuses more on a rockabilly vibe and has less of a teen pop feel to it's tracks. There's a few covers on this album but there's mainly original songs on it.
Vocals, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, B3 Organ - Drake Bell
Executive Producer and Electric guitars - Brian Setzer
Producer - Peter Collins
Drums - Chad Cromwell
Bass - Dominic Davis
Slap Bass - Joe Fick
Additional Electric Guitars - Rob Bourassa, Ronnie Crutcher, Chris Pelcer
Additional Acoustic Guitars - Rob Bourassa
Piano - Jody Nardone
Fiddle - Tim Hayes
Baritone and Tenor Sax - Mark Douhit
Gang Vocals - Chris Pelcer, Julian Sammut
Backing Vocals - Paula Bowman, Lee Bowman, Joey Nardone
Vocal Arrangements - Rob Bourassa and Chris Pelcer

The Top Ten

1 Bitchcraft

This song is the best on this album for not only have a good flow but for having lots of charisma and Drake's vocals sound the best here.

2 Melina Melina

This song has great energy from beginning to end.

3 Give Me a Little More Time Give Me a Little More Time

One of the original songs from the album and it's great.

4 Sunny Afternoon

The best cover on this album to be honest.

5 Back of My Hand

Solid cover and once again it's a good song.

6 California Man

A cover of a song by The Move and like many covers on this album it's done well.

7 It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

A cover that's done well.

8 Runaway Boys

One of the few covers on this album and arguably somewhat better than the original.

9 Bull

Another solid cover from this album.

10 I Won't Stand in Your Way

One of the covers from this album and it's well done.

The Contenders

11 Makes Me Happy

Unlike the version from It's Only Time this version is longer and has more of a rockabilly vibe to it.

12 Crazy Little Thing Called Love

A solid Queen cover that's excuted well.

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