Top 10 Best Songs from Drake Bell's Telegraph

Telegraph is the debut album of Drake Bell released in 2005. It was very well received by music critics. The styles of the album vary from teen rock to alternative rock or even bubblegum pop with ocassionial rockabilly. It was somewhat successful along with it's follow up "It's Only Time" which got just as much praise from critics as it's predecessor.

The Top Ten

1 In the End

The best song from the album to be honest.

2 Don't Preach

Solid song from the album.

3 Somehow

Another great song from the album.

4 Golden Days

Solid song from a solid album.

5 Circles

A very overlooked song that's great like the rest of the album.

6 Telegraph

Even the album has a title track named after it and it's pretty great.

7 Down We Fall

Despite also being on a Drake & Josh album it was on this album first so it counts.

8 Hollywood Girl

A song that's well known for being used in Drake & Josh Go to Hollywood that also shines on this album.

9 Highway to Nowhere

This list wouldn't be complete without this being placed somewhere.

10 Found a Way

Not a bad song but it felt weaker when compared to other songs from the album.

The Contenders

11 The Backhouse

Interlude but had to be included.

12 Intro
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