Top Ten Songs From Dream Theater's Distance Over Time


The Top Ten

1 Barstool Warrior Barstool Warrior
2 At Wit's End At Wit's End
3 Pale Blue Dot Pale Blue Dot

Now this is the DT I enjoy. - AdamDestructorJr.

4 Untethered Angel

1.) At Wits End, now one of my favorite Dream Theater songs.
2.) Barstool Warrior, a great proggy song it has my new favorite guitar riff.
3.) Untethered Angel, great opener to the album I like how it showcases what the album is like the self titled album though more balls to the wall.
4.) Out of Reach, a great ballad has a Bryan Adams feel to it.
5.) S2N, I like the bass intro and just a fun song to listen too.
6.) Paralyzed, I like the Tool vibe too it, and lyrics.
7.) Fall Into The Light, Metallica copyright
8.) Room 137, I like the guitar riff to the song, and liked Mike maginis lyrics.
9.) Pale Blue Dot- It's not bad, it's a good song but I wouldn't to if as much as At Wits Ends.
10.) Viper King- It's good, but I don't like it as much as the others.

Overall, this album 8.5/10 I would recommend this. Definitely, a good album to show someone that you would want to get into Dream Theater. Too see if they would like other albums.

5 S2n
6 Fall Into the Light
7 Paralyzed
8 Room 137

Boring. - AdamDestructorJr.

9 Out of Reach
10 Viper King
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1. Untethered Angel
2. At Wit's End
3. Barstool Warrior
1. Pale Blue Dot
2. Barstool Warrior
3. At Wit's End
1. Pale Blue Dot
2. At Wit's End
3. Barstool Warrior

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