Top Ten Songs From Dream Theater's Distance Over Time

The Top Ten

1 Barstool Warrior Barstool Warrior Cover Art
2 Pale Blue Dot Pale Blue Dot Cover Art

Now this is the DT I enjoy.

3 At Wit's End At Wit's End Cover Art
4 Untethered Angel Untethered Angel Cover Art

1.) At Wits End, now one of my favorite Dream Theater songs.
2.) Barstool Warrior, a great proggy song it has my new favorite guitar riff.
3.) Untethered Angel, great opener to the album I like how it showcases what the album is like the self titled album though more balls to the wall.
4.) Out of Reach, a great ballad has a Bryan Adams feel to it.
5.) S2N, I like the bass intro and just a fun song to listen too.
6.) Paralyzed, I like the Tool vibe too it, and lyrics.
7.) Fall Into The Light, Metallica copyright
8.) Room 137, I like the guitar riff to the song, and liked Mike maginis lyrics.
9.) Pale Blue Dot- It's not bad, it's a good song but I wouldn't to if as much as At Wits Ends.
10.) Viper King- It's good, but I don't like it as much as the others.

Overall, this album 8.5/10 I would recommend this. Definitely, a good album to show someone that you would want to get into Dream Theater. Too see if they would like other albums.

5 Fall Into the Light Fall Into the Light Cover Art
6 Paralyzed Paralyzed Cover Art
7 S2n S2n Cover Art
8 Room 137 Room 137 Cover Art


9 Out of Reach Out of Reach Cover Art
10 Viper King Viper King Cover Art
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