Best Songs from the Duke Nukem 3D Soundtrack

Duke Nukem 3D, as most probably know, is a 90s FPS game. The soundtrack was made primarily by Bobby Prince and Lee Jackson

The Top Ten

1 Grabbag (Lee Jackson)

The title theme for the game. - NuMetalManiak

2 Stalker (Lee Jackson)
3 Aliens, Say Your Prayers! (Bobby Prince)
4 Future Military Conquests (Lee Jackson)
5 Gut Wrencher (Bobby Prince)
6 Departure (Lee Jackson)
7 Lord of L.A. (Bobby Prince)
8 Water World (Bobby Prince)
9 Sneaky Snake (Bobby Prince)
10 Pissed Office Box (Lee Jackson)
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Top Remixes

1. Grabbag (Lee Jackson)
2. Stalker (Lee Jackson)
3. Future Military Conquests (Lee Jackson)
1. Grabbag (Lee Jackson)
2. Lord of L.A. (Bobby Prince)
3. Sneaky Snake (Bobby Prince)


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