Best Songs from Ed Sheeran's X Album

These are the best songs from his recently released 2nd studio album X.

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1 Thinking Out Loud Thinking Out Loud

In my opinion, one of the best songs of the century - keyson

It's a catchy song. It's a beautiful song. - Bennjamin

Amazing song with beautiful lyrics. - Zab

Amazing! It's just amazing

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2 Afire Love Afire Love

Such a heartbreaking, sad, beautiful song. When I first heard it, I immediately knew it had to be my favorite song on the album. His songwriting ability really shows off in this song and you can hear in his voice that he really feels this song.

It's a super duper catchy song. It should be a future single though it kinda contain samples from The Script's If You Could See Me Now - Bennjamin

This song has to be on number one. You can feel the emotions in this song. Plus, Ed's voice is one of the best in the industry.

Very powerful, with a great sad, but beautiful beat.

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3 Photograph Photograph

Come on guys, vote up! This song deserves much more! It has so much meaning behind it, we can only imagine how much love Ed would've gone through. Deserves a much better place, absolutely love this song

Its great when you can replay it 100 times and sing along every time!

It's just an absolutely gorgeous composition.

This song just touches the soul. You will know when you fall in love. I put it on repeat and sing it along.. thinking about my Love.

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4 One One

This Song has the best most personal sound it's amazing buy the song

5 Don't Don't

This song is definitely ED rap masterpiece

6 Tenerife Sea Tenerife Sea

This song is amazing!, by far better than its position, also where is Even my Dad Does sometimes and I See Fire, both breathlessly beautiful songs

I really do love this song so much passion

This is the best song of the album!

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7 I'm A Mess I'm A Mess

That was the first song on a gig, so it must be the best one. But to be honest, every single time when I'm listening to this one I'm in tears or have creeps and all this stuff, so.. it is one of the best

So catchy that I can't take this song off of my head

I gotta say this song makes so much sense and it's rare to find other artists writing lyrics and melody like this...It's Amazing

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8 The Man The Man

I don't normally like rap but this is so good. Really quite bittersweet. - Britgirl

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9 Sing Sing

No offense but this song didn't amuse me at all. I also wonder why it was released as a single, but oh well! - Bennjamin

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10 Take It Back Take It Back V 1 Comment

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11 Nina Nina

This song is so great! Should easily be in the top 10

12 I See Fire I See Fire

I love this song. it's a magical song from Ed. I heard it first time at the credits of The Hobbit 2 movie. I became a fan of Ed after this song.

Magical song of the album. I heard it at the credits for the hobbit 2 movie. I became a fan of him after this song.

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13 Bloodstream Bloodstream

Prefer the rudimental Version

Bring it up to the top 5. - zach2246tt

I did the last 2 posts

And this next one

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14 Runaway Runaway
15 Shirtsleeves Shirtsleeves

I truly don't understand why I love this song over all the others because I love them all, but for some reason this one captivates me in some way. Should definitely be in the top 10, if everyone gave it one listen, I'm sure they would agree. Especially if you truly understand the genius of the musical part of it.

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16 Even My Dad Does Sometimes Even My Dad Does Sometimes

Truth is, this is genius because it touches you deeply and has the ability to relate to whatever problem you have going on. Despite that, it also is just genius in it's writing and production. Number 1 in my book - mpm795

This is definitely my favorite Ed song because it touches me every time I hear it... "So don't wipe your eyes, tears remind you you're alive"

This song is way too underrated.

17 All of the Stars V 1 Comment
18 New York New York

I can't believe how anyone didn't bring up this song at all! Absolutely smashing song this one, with all the feels and affection. Such a warm song. The second best by far!

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1. Thinking Out Loud
2. Afire Love
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1. Afire Love
2. Thinking Out Loud
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