Top Ten Songs from Eisbrecher's "Sturmfahrt"

“Sturmfahrt” is the seventh studio album by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Eisbrecher, released in 2017.

The album topped the German charts and also entered the Austrian and Swiss top ten at number 10 and 8, respectively. In that regard, it is the band’s most successful album to date in all three countries.

The album received very positive reviews, with many critics calling it the group’s greatest work to date. The extremely heavy, cinematic and anthemic musical outfit was praised, as were the martial and hard hitting lyrics that often depict the band in a more political light than before. It was felt that while “Sturmfahrt” doesn’t reinvent its genre, the album delivers perfect Neue Deutsche Härte and is extremely captivating, gripping and powerful.

The album spawned two singles (so far), “Was ist hier los?” and “In einem Boot”, but neither managed to have chart success.

The Top Ten Songs from Eisbrecher's "Sturmfahrt"

1 Der Wahnsinn
2 Was ist hier los?

In case you want to see a really uncomfortable comment on the current world situation, watch this music video (you don't need to understand the German lyrics): v=BGthmYzpGv0 - Martin_Canine

3 Krieger
4 Automat
5 In einem Boot
6 Sturmfahrt
7 Eisbär
8 Wir Sind Gold
9 Herz Auf
10 Das Gesetz

The Contenders

11 Das Leben Wartet Nicht
12 Besser
13 Wir Sind Rock 'n' Roll
14 D-Zug
15 Wo Geht Der Teufel Hin
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