Best Songs on Elder's "Lore" and "Dead Roots Stirring"

(You will remember this name)

"Elder is a three-piece heavy psych band hailing from Boston, USA. Their lengthy songs are told as stories, unfolding and undulating across genre boundaries and into new kosmische territory."

If you appreciate progressive songwriting with a intelligent and heartfelt ground to travel your ears and rest your eyes, look no further but at a dark starry night in shape of liquid riffs. Rivers of creativity and mountains of variety in deep colours keep expanding in the wind. This album "Lore" is quite a inner travel.
If mother nature could speak with one voice, it would be through Elder.

When I first heard this band I was hooked from the start. I thought and I still do "This band will explode in no time!".
Though years gone by and I kept searching and nothing much or barely something I'd find about them.
It still is that way. Just ask anybody, yeah it could be the stranger beside you right now. Ask them. Very few people do, FOR NOW,but just wait...

They've just released a new album early this month and the hype is unreal.
It seems the recognition and the fanbase is growing for this band. Good God! What a find!

The Top Ten

1 Compendium
2 Legend
3 Lore
4 Deadweight
5 Spirit at Aphelion
6 Dead Roots Stirring
7 Gemini
9 The End
10 Knot

The right way to end an amazing

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