Best Songs On Ellie Goulding's Delirium


The Top Ten

1 Love Me Like You Do

It should be #1

Love me like you do is my favorite songs on radio stations 107.7
scotty masters I was 29 las year iam 30 year old about you ellie goulding I wish you playing love me like you do for boyfriend scotty masters good luck

2 Lost and Found

Love this tune, very catchy and uplifting, it's my favourite on her new album

Unique and different compared to all the other songs

Excellent track, should have been first single!

3 Army

I just love this song! It has that magical-forest thing with it. Imagine wearing a paolo sebastian dress while walking to this song! It's so beautiful!

I really really love this song. It's like I'm with someone who can protect me, love me, and stay with me. It's a certainly beautiful song.

Awesome song...i like this song a lot

4 On My Mind
5 Don't Panic
6 Don't Need Nobody

I love this song! - toptenqueen

7 Codes
8 Around U
9 Aftertaste
10 Scream It Out

The Contenders

11 Something In the Way You Move
12 The Greatest
13 Keep On Dancin'
14 Holding On for Life
15 Heal
16 Outside

The reason this list is longer than most is because this album has 16 tracks on 1 cd and 7 on the other (making 23 tracks overall)

I like songs of outside from ellie goulding is my
favorite kind of music making me happy from boyfriend scotty

17 We Can't Move to This

This one is just so euphoric and brill

18 Devotion
19 Intro
20 Two Years Ago
21 Paradise

Beautiful song. Gave me chills.

22 Winner
23 I Do What I Love
24 Powerful
25 Let It Die
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