Best Songs From Eminem's Curtain Call


The Top Ten

1 Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version)

Dude how is this 4th place this is like the best song in all of Eminem's... It's better than sing for the moment...

What?!?! This is Eminems best song!

2 When I'm Gone

What kind of idiots decided this beautiful song deserved fifth? This is the second best Marshall Mathers song ever! First is "beautiful"

AWESOME SONG but its really depressing

Best on the album - 100PercentEminemAndGreenDayFan

Multiversal best song...

3 Sing for the Moment

One of my all time favorite songs by eminem. It really speaks to me! - ReginaldRusty

4 Like Toy Soldiers
5 Mockingbird
6 The Way I Am
7 Stan (Featuring Dido)
8 Stan (Featuring Elton John)
9 Without Me
10 My Name Is

The Contenders

11 Just Lose It
12 Renegade

Absolutely exceptional. This album is just a collaboration of some of the best songs in the multiverse ever gonna be created

The Lyrisism with Eminem Killed it (in a good way) - burningninja06

13 Fack

Beautiful song. Made me cry like a baby. Such inspirational lyrics with a smooth beat. Beautiful.

Heart warming. Don't let the title fool you.


14 Shake That
15 Just Don't Give a F***
16 Dead Wrong

I have no clue why I voted for this

17 Kill You

Knives nuns and sl-ts

18 Guilty Conscience
19 Criminal

This song is amazing

20 Cleanin' Out My Closet
21 The Real Slim Shady
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1. When I'm Gone
2. Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version)
3. Stan (Featuring Elton John)
1. Sing for the Moment
2. Stan (Featuring Elton John)
3. Like Toy Soldiers
1. When I'm Gone
2. Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version)
3. Mockingbird

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