Best Songs From Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2

In my opinion, Album of the year. This is going to win so many Grammy's next year, and if it doesn't, I'm not gonna watch another awards show ever. This is Em's best album in the past 10 years. Every single song on hear is amazing... even Stronger than I was. From the chilling verse on Bad Guy, the jaw dropping disses on Evil Twin, to the GOAT closing track, "Wicked Ways", with a modern feel, and hilarious skit. I couldn't ask for anything more. I am amazed to see the popularity of this list, and glad everyone is voting! and if you disagree, remix your own version of this list! and even if this is eminem's last album, it was a great way to end the story. This album IS Eminem's legacy.

The Top Ten

1 Rap God

Best song from the album. Lyrics, speed, flow, beat, everything.

This is so sick! It's all bars and disses for 6 minutes. What more can you ask for. This song is the best song Em has made in the past 10 years - FailedStunt78

Best for this album and best bass compared to all albums - FearTheWeird300

Incredibly toned lyrics, never heard him rap that fast before. A 6 minute song by Eminem is one that you definitely have to hear. He is a true rapper.

2 Bad Guy

Rap Gods good but this song is his finest work on the album. He makes an exceptional sequel to the artistry of Stan. But this song gets GOAT in verse 4. He pours his heart and soul into this verse. It's the final sign off for his career. He lets us into his head and lets us see what he feels. It's a masterpiece. One of his greatest songs period.

Best song on the album. An exceptional conceptual song, a clever sequel to Stan without being corny. The last verse could possibly be Eminem's best verse ever, it is so full of raw emotion. Gives me goosebumps every time. One of the best rap songs put out in years.

Great sequel to Stan. If only it got the popularity that Stan got. But regardless, great beat chorus great great rhyme scheme, and even had that whoa factor that Stan has hands down the best on the album.

At first, I was worried knowing that not only the album would sequel Em's greatest. Then, I was worried about this song being an attempt to follow his greatest. Such expectations and critical acclaim revolving around this song and the album... Imagine the pressure. He killed it, closing his career with the sequel to what may very well be the greatest rap of all time.

3 Legacy

By far my favorite song on this album. Rap god and bezerk are overrated and are probably on the top because most of you have never actually listened to the album. This song is by far the best. He grows a little with every verse. He starts as a bullied little kid and ends as a superstar with his middle finger to everybody that doubted him. Great song man.

Amazing song. Not as popular as some of the other songs, but definitely one of the best on the album. It is close with Bad Guy and Rap God, but I prefer this one. It is very relatable and gives me chills when I listen to it.

Just great, nothing left to say!

For some reason I had a dream about Eminem writing a song called Legacy. Although this song doesn't demonstrate slim's maximum rapping ability like in Rap God, it does expose Eminem's lyrical side which is something he hasn't done for a while. This should easily win first.

4 Headlights

The sweetest, saddest, most emotional song he has ever made. I really cried when I heard this. It let's you even deeper in to his life and shows how much he has matured and grown as a person and an artist. This in my opion is his 3rd bets song of all time. Its so beautiful! Nate ruess is amazing and has vocals that remind me of Freddy mercury. And really does a beautiful job here. 10 out of 10!

Mature, sad, emotional..finally he apologize to his mom despite what she had done to him..i hope his mom forgives him for "Cleaning out my closet". Nate Rues was perfect for the chorous

The most sweetest, melodious, lyrical, conceptional, intelligent song is Headlights. Greatest song ever. Eminem forever. I love you Marshall Mathers. The best album of Eminem this is Marshall Mathers lp 2. The greatest. Eminem pours his soul and heart over his verses and Nathan's vocals are just awesome. I am speechless. Love you Eminem.

Eminem and Nate this song will rock after making the video clip

5 Berzerk

When I first heard this song, I was like, "all others rappers are screwed, because SHADY'S BACK BABY! This songs is totally dope and is totally an old school party song! If your a fan of the Beastie Boys, This song is for you. - FailedStunt78

Similar to beastie boys. Not to cliche. Works we'll for Eminem. Could listen to it all day. Better than rap god

The hook was great

Completely different from his other leads. It's not slickly comedic like his pre-Recovery ones, but it isn't an anthem like Not Afraid. It is a we-are-gonna-party-all-night lead single. It has the same amount of energy as a lifetime supply of batteries. - WonkeyDude98

6 Survival

When I first heard the song in august watching the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer trailer, I freaked out and downloaded the song right away. With an awesome guitar riff and bashing drums, this song was a great comeback. - FailedStunt78

Gets me pumped up every time. Eminem keeps on proving why he's the best there is.

One of my favorite songs of his, if not my number one. - CarsonFacePalmer

Better pump up song than till I collapse as a fan I think RAP GOD is crap and makes no sense but is a bit catchy

7 Evil Twin

This is a good song! He is talking about Eminem compared to Slim Shady.

This is one of his best songs of all time. It blows my mind how underappreciated it is. Lyrically, this song is insanely complex. The "Top 4" line is easily one of the best rap lyrics in history and word plays such as "Borderline genius who's bored of his lines" and "You ain't gotta remote chance to control me," will send chills down other artists' back within the industry.

This song should be much higher! He expresses that he's still shady inside and the metaphors and rhymes are sick!

Oh my gosh this song is amazing this brings me back to 2000 and proves this is a sequel to the first MMLP - FailedStunt78

8 Love Game

This is a very fun song. Both Em and Kendrick kill it in my opinion.

At first, I didn't like it. I now love it because it is funny, and the verses are amazing. Kendrick kills it

I love this song. Lots of clever lines from Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. They both do great in their verses and I really hope they collaborate again.

Yup. Kendrick is amazing here

9 The Monster

This is much better than love the way you lie and the monster video is insanly good, its one of the best videos I've ever watched

"The Monster" should be the number one or the best track on this album. "Berzerk" at number two, "Rap God" at number three, "Survival" at number four and "Headlights" at number five. Bad Guy and Legacy should be underrated and having a low rank on this list for being a low-charted songs!

Not a good as Love the Way you Lie but still good enough

The music video is amazing

10 Brainless

I really love Berzerk but this is the best song lyrically. The beat is great, he has amazing flow, good hook, I love the piano. Just an amazing song, Eminem has done it again. Surprised this song isn't higher. - dragonfly99

By far the most underrated Eminem song since No Apologies

This song is way to underrated, I would consider this the third best song on the album below Bad Guy and Rap God. Truly and amazing and underrated song. - Totalbeasto001

"Still my skuls a vacant empty void, been using it more as a bin for storage, take some inventory and as a gorge a ford engine door hinge syringe an orange an extension cord and a ninja sword"

Just an example of how amzaingly lyrical this guy this

The Contenders

11 So Far...

In the beginning I hated this song but now this is my favorite! - Pixels0o1

Should be first... Best song in the album. Em tells about simple life he's living awesome. Akon's Smack that song's part was awesome in this song... Starting awesome... Simply the best

This, Headlights, Love Game, Bad Guy and Legacy are a return to form for Em.

This song has pretty much everything. Humor, emotion, nostalgia.

12 A**hole

The beat and the lyrics, everything is just so creative about this song. It's probably my favorite of the album, up there with "Bad Guy" and "So Far...".

To good of a song to be this low

Seriously? Why is this so low? Great beat with some funny lyrics. What's not to like?

What? This is a good song!

13 Rhyme or Reason

Should be a lot higher he has great word play while talking about his dad who walked out on him
Honesty have to be a Stan to like or understand this song or the album

Rhyme or reason should definitely be above 10

My Favorite Song of this album! Is so cool the way he used that Zombie sample on it, and finally is HE singing a good hook. It's dope lyrically, spitting fire rhymes and so funny! Should be TOP 3!

This and rap god easily the most lyrically supreme songs on the album

14 So Much Better

This song is like a sequel to kill you. This is a slim shady song - FailedStunt78

This song is sick should be top five
Top ten 1. Rap god 2. Bad guy 3. Rhyme or reason 4. Legacy 5. So much better 6. Love game 7. Evil twin 8. Stronger than I was 9. Headlights 10. Brainless

The Good Old Violent Angry Prejudice Eminem

Fantastic chorus. I also found this to be really funny. Great song.

15 Beautiful Pain

A great meaningful song with an excellent chorus and awesome raps. Probably the third Best song on the album after the monster, survival and rap god

This song is really underrated, it deserve to be at least top 10

1 week ago I downloaded this one.. And now I'm in love with this song.. I relate it so much... Everyone please listen to it and I know you will not regret... Just for one... Please listen

This Album is just unimaginable. I can't believe that an album like This could. But one thing I can say for sure that nobody but Marshall Mathers can only do this. Every song on the album is a masterpiece. The first MMLP was a classic But this something That is more than everything. Eminem forever. Love you Eminem. When I heard this Album I was just like I was not knowing that an I in heaven or at Earth. The Best.

16 Wicked Ways

Amazing song! You have to hear it!

Chorus raps and skit at the end is hilarious

Simple beat that shady raps over perfectly

Underrated That's what I could say About it

17 Stronger Than I Was

Come on guys it's the best break up song

This is the most underrated song on this album

Great song, made me cry

Got me through my break up with my ex.

18 Groundhog Day

Pure Greatness. Should of been on the regular, not deluxe

This is my most favorite song on this album! Great flow, lines, beats, and meaning.

The lyrics on this song are insane. Most underrated Eminem song. It's only on the deluxe version so not many people have heard it but it's incredible - LilBigRed

Should be replaced with Stronger Than I Was on the main album. - Brainfck

19 Baby

Its from the bonus track and is one of the most catching songs in the album, kinda similar to brainless

20 Don't Front

Can't believe this didn't make the album /:

The way he raps is insnae. I tried so many times to memorize his but I can't because his tone is so unique, I love this song and groundhogs day

21 Parking Lot
22 Desperation

Jamie cool did quite a nice job matching Eminem

23 Parking Lot (Skit)

I know it isn't a song but it still brings back some good old Slim Shady memories.

Couldn't agree more!

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