Best Songs from Eminem Revival and Relapse

Both Revival and Relapse were hated albums and it makes me a little mad because I loved both those albums. Here are some songs that prove how great they both are.

The Top Ten

1 Beautiful

This is a great song out of relapse I would suggest you listen to because it's just so great

2 Believe

This song is a great song the only problem is I don't really know what it's about

3 Castle

This song is a song to Eminem's daughter hailie it's 3 letters from 1995, 1996 and 2007 it's an amazing song and one you should listen to

One of the only good three songs from Revival (the others been Arose and Framed) - Pato_cargo

4 Bad Husband Bad Husband

In this song Eminem apologizes to his ex wife Kim

5 Tragic Endings Tragic Endings
6 Walk on Water
7 Nowhere Fast
8 Untouchable
9 Careful What You Wish For

I don't know what it is about this song but I love it

10 River

This song was amazing it had Eminem and ed sheeren in it and they were both amazing

The Contenders

11 Deja Vu

A song about Eminem's drug problem that he had another masterpiece and I loved it

12 Crack a Bottle

Eminem Dr. Dre and 50 cent all was great in this song it was a great song all together

13 Framed Framed

This song was either a sequal or a prequal to a song on relapse 3 A.M. this song had some slim shady and it was amazing

14 Arose Arose

This is part 2 to the song castle in this song he is talking to his family proof and just a bunch of people it also has an alternate ending to the song castle

15 In Your Head
16 Elevator


17 Stay Wide Awake
18 Offended
19 Like Home Like Home
20 We Made You
21 Insane
22 3 A.M.
23 Hello
24 Medicine Ball
25 Must Be the Ganja
26 Bagpipes from Baghdad
27 My Mom
28 Remind Me
29 My Darling
30 Same Song & Dance
31 Music Box
32 Heat
33 Need Me
34 Old Times Sake

I actually had to put this on the list even though it should already be #1

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