Best Songs on Eminem's Revival


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1 Believe Believe


Reminded my guts over fear...very deep lyrics

Great trap production with a FANTASTIC HOOK

Nice beat, nice raw flow

2 Arose Arose

I am very confused about why this song is so underrated. One, if not the most, powerful song that Eminem has ever written. The whole song is pure emotion, written from Eminem's heart about his struggle with his near suicide in 2007. Each line has meaning, and it's ridiculously powerful. This should not only be considered the best song on this album, but one of the best songs in Eminem's career. His other songs with Ed Sheeran, Pink, and Beyonce are good, but Arose is on a different level than the other songs on this album.

Best song of all time. The song is written in pure emotion so meaningful and amazing



3 Castle Castle

This was a great song

It's the best off revival! It's a decent album overall but not ems best.

Why is believe number 1, this song Incredible

Why is this songs so high it isn't very good definitely not better than Like Home, Nowhere Fast, River, or Walk on Water - germshep24

4 Framed Framed

This might be considered the return of Slim Shady but the hook sucks and the beat is grating, his verses can't save the dull beat - germshep24

How is this below river?!?!?

Just amazing


5 River River

Best song no doubt. Great chemistry

Only good song

Loved the song, Ed Sheeran did great on it, and I love the way Eminem tells a story.


6 In Your Head

This song enhanced revival



It's just so energetic, despite literally being about somebody who feels like a zombie... I don't know how he does it, but it works! - gidlr

7 Walk on Water

Best Song on the album but it is alright but not the best in the world because river is the world best song to me and if any one say thing about that song I will beat them up.

For an album full bad, boring and annoying songs like believe (honestly believe is dog crap) this song isn't half bad, don't gt me wrong, the beat is not meant for the song, but it's pretty good, but nothing compared to em's older music

This song is so good. Can't stop listening to it

This is not slim shady this is not Eminem talking this is himself

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8 Offended

I love how Em just literally goes haywire on this one :') "I'm so narcissistic, when I fart, I sniff it Do a fake dab to smell my armpits with it" I mean what the actual... Just love it

The chorus of this song is horrible - Th3Zm0nst3r

"don't cry get mad" and "I am so narcissistic when I "

Eminem raps faster than Rap God on this song. At least some measurments say that he raps faster. Revival is a wonderful album. One of the kost underrated albums of 2017. REVIVAL IS GOOD! EMINEM AND SHADY IS BACK! Guess who’s back to pull the middle fonger to the haters?

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9 Chloraseptic Chloraseptic

This is LIT! Love the beat! Eminem makes great trap songs!

Soundcloud rappers should take notes


What is this song - Th3Zm0nst3r

10 Bad Husband Bad Husband

Bad Husband on 12. I can't believe this. I mean the lyrics are emotional. Straight from the Heart of Em. And Especially The mocking Bird Part. He is a Genius. People Keep on blaming this for having a slow Chorus. But It is the way it should be. So True. Love you Marshall. Easily Top 3 best of Eminem with Arose And Castle...

You can't get someone to sing about someone elses life - Th3Zm0nst3r

Amazing song, X Ambassadors did a great job, very emotional too!

Best song!

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11 Like Home Like Home

Like Home is the best song on revival and Alicia Keys did a great hook there.

Gives me chills every time, and Alicia Keys KILLS the hook

Best hip hop song on the album. Read the lyrics, they're genius

This song went BEASTMODE on Trump! BEAST! EMINEM IS BACK!

12 Tragic Endings Tragic Endings

I don't know why album is marked as poor by many critics or hip hop listeners... Eminem is still one of the greatest rappers out there. Of course it is not a classic like MMLP or The Eminem Show but belive me it's one of top 3 rap albums of 2017.

I like the hook by Skylar Grey. The song really sounds like Recovery and I like Recovery.

13 Untouchable

Yo this song is trash man it should super low though - Jochoa235

This was a pretty good promotional single

Really? how is this lower than Walk on Water? This song shows us how messed up white privelege is. - utv82803

This should be 1.River
2. Untouchable
3. Walk on water - Leofeldman91

14 Nowhere Fast

Love it

Amazing song.

How is this 15?

I'm not that old yet. I'm still young. So as a child, this song got me motivated.

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15 Remind Me Remind Me

I love you because you remind me of me

This song was SICK! Best use of a sample that Eminem has done!

Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea. what? - Th3Zm0nst3r

Eminem litteraly says "your booty is a heavy duty like diahreaa" on this song and yet it'a above framed and bad husband!? WOW!

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16 Revival (Interlude)

Amazing track by Alice and the Glass Lake.

17 Need Me

I don't know why but this is the clear winner for me in this album

Nobody even gives a damn about this song. So much emotions put by em in this song

Their other collab is much better, this one songs shouldn't have been made, it isn't good as a Pink song or an Eminem song - germshep24

Underrated song

18 Heat

I hated it at first but it kinda grew on me. Underrated track

This should definitely be higher up this song has a Slim Shady vibe to it as well. - utv82803

Rick nailed it this time! Honestly amazing, catchy chorus, sample well used.

19 Remind Me (Intro)
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