Top 10 Songs on Evanescence's Lost Whispers

This album by Evanescence which was released in December of 2016, is a album that contains songs that were B-Sides, Bonus Tracks, or Outtakes from their previous albums and two new recorded songs, "Lost Whispers", which is a intro track and "Even in Death" which was originally from their demo album "Origin"

The Top Ten

1 Disappear

This was a bonus track/Outtake from the self-titled album, this one is my favorite because of it's heaviness, the riff reminds me of Metalingus by Alter Bridge. - christangrant

2 A New Way to Bleed

This was a bonus track/outtake from the self-titled album. - christangrant

3 Missing

This was from the live album "Anywhere but Home" it was the one studio track from it. - christangrant

4 Even in Death

A new recording of the song from the demo album "Origin". - christangrant

5 Farther Away

An outtake from "Fallen" it appeared on the Japanese version of the album. - christangrant

6 If You Don't Mind

An outtake from "The Open Door". - christangrant

7 Breathe No More

This was a outtake from "Fallen" it was on the soundtrack for the movie "Elektra". - christangrant

8 Secret Door

This was a bonus track/outtake from the self titled album. - christangrant

9 Say You Will

An outtake/bonus track from tge self-titled album. - christangrant

10 Together Again

An outtake from "The Open Door". - christangrant

The Contenders

11 The Last Song I'm Wasting on You
12 Lost Whispers
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