Best Songs Off Example's Playing In the Shadows

A list to comprise the songs off of Example's number one album 'Playing In The Shadows' (all songs off all editions of the album will be used).

The Top Ten Best Songs Off Example's Playing In the Shadows

1 Changed the Way You Kiss Me

Techno number that flowed superbly with harsh synths and Elliot's dark, mysterious vocals (Single - Peaked #1)

2 Stay Awake

Dubstep-based track with punching tempo changes underlying stunning lyrics (Single - Peaked #1)

3 Midnight Run

Darkest single off the album and Feed Me's sub-bass music worked perfectly, especially under the rap (Single - Peaked #30)

4 Playing In the Shadows

Drum & Bass duo Chase & Status used Example's gritty voice with an acoustic guitar to make it mysterious and the drop at the end is magical (Promo. Single/Album Track - Peaked #155)

Most deep sounding and beauty song on whole album with great lyrics.

5 Natural Disaster

Example's solo collaboration on this album saw him and Laidback Luke produce an underground dance track that would fit in any DJ's set (Single - Peaked #37)

6 Under the Influence

Skream produced this one and the intro is a little lengthy but in its full version it makes the drop/rap even more powerful, beauty (Album Track)

7 Skies Don't Lie

Opening tracks never disappoint - CabadePartyhunter

The opening track, as usual from Gleave, contained the album's longest rap and it didn't disappoint. 20 seconds in and you'll already want to know the lyrics (Album Track)

8 Shot Yourself In The Foot Again

Skream took production reigns again to churn out a dubstep track that sees Gleave's vocals brought out epicly (Promo. Single - Peaked #82 [free download])

9 Never Had A Day

The shortest track (except from 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me') on the list managed to pack a lot in with a soulful, personal tone (Album Track)

10 The Way

As good live as it is on the album, Example's experimental side rung out 'The Way' and Faithless' beat suits it down to the ground (Album Track)

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