Best Songs from Exodus's Blood In, Blood Out

Blood In, Blood Out is the 10th studio album by American thrash metal band Exodus. It was released on October 14, 2014 through Nuclear Blast, and is the band's first album with vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza since 2004's Tempo of the Damned. The album also saw a reunion with original guitarist Kirk Hammett, who plays the guitar solo on "Salt the Wound".

Asked in June 2012 if Exodus had plans to record a tenth studio album, bassist Jack Gibson stated that the band was "way overdue to do it." Then he added, "I know that Gary has songs, and Lee has some stuff they've been coming up with stuff we just really haven't had the time to sit down and hammer it all out and then record it. That takes a few months together to make that happen, and we just haven't had the time, basically. But there is gonna be another album, for sure." Vocalist Rob Dukes stated that the album was going to be "fast and short", and added, "everybody f***ing complained about how long the last one was, we're, like, 'F*** 'em! We'll give them about a fucking 38-minute record. I don't know. I'm just talking shit. I don't know what we're gonna do. We've got no plan. We're just going with what feels right. If we end up with another 74-minute record, so be it." Dukes was also asked who would end up producing the album, and his response was, "I don't know yet. There are a couple of people on the table. I think Andy Sneap, producer of Exhibit B: The Human Condition is taking some time off; I don't know if he's gonna do it with us again.

In an October 2013 interview with The Washington Times, guitarist Gary Holt stated that he would take a break from touring with Slayer until April to focus on finishing the new Exodus album. He also announced that the band would start recording the album in February. Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for drummer Tom Hunting replied, "It's a pretty old-school process, actually. Gary will put some riffs on a CD, or even a cassette, depending on which vehicle I'm driving. He feeds the riff to me, and then I put a beat to it, and we work it all out, and then we come together as a band and arrange it. Rob is really not in the room for the musical process. We're gonna probably do some more pre-production for this one, 'cause our bass player now knows about Pro Tools and is really computer savvy. None of the rest of us are, really. It's a fun process. I love the process of recording; it's my favorite thing. It's like construction; you're taking raw wood and building something. Gary likes to say he makes moonshine and Lee makes fine wine, 'cause Lee will dissect his own parts and rebuild it here, change something there, add an overdub there, or whatever...But it's a fun process; I love it. You're building something, and it's yours."

By March 2014, Exodus had begun recording their tenth album at Goats 'R Us Ranch & Studios in San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Holt commented that they were "well into drum tracks; everything is going super smooth and Tom is just killing it! Best drum sound this band has ever laid down sounds just simply pummeling!" He also stated that the band had "only one more song left to lay down and some B-sides to go." Asked about the musical direction of the album, Dukes replied, "This album is very fast and has more of a punk rock feel to it, whereas I think the last few Exodus albums were metal epics, with longer songs. These songs are shorter and a little faster. It has a really different feel to it. It sounds great."

On June 8, 2014, it was announced that Dukes had been fired from the band, and was replaced by his predecessor Steve "Zetro" Souza. On the day after, Holt announced that Souza would start recording vocals on the new album. Souza co-wrote at least one song on the album with bassist Jack Gibson and guitarist Lee Altus, now known as "Body Harvest".

Genre: Thrash Metal



Steve "Zetro" Souza – vocals

Gary Holt – lead and rhythm guitars

Lee Altus – lead and rhythm guitars

Jack Gibson – bass

Tom Hunting – drums, percussion

Additional Musicians:

Dan the Automator – intro on "Black 13"

Kirk Hammett – guitar solo on "Salt the Wound"

Chuck Billy – additional vocals on "BTK"

Anthony "Rat" Martin – additional vocals on "Protect Not Dissect"


Exodus – producer

Andy Sneap – engineering (drums), mixing, mastering

Jack Gibson – engineering (vocals, guitars & bass)

Jason Victorine – additional engineering (drums)

Matt Mullin – additional engineering (drums)

Pär Olofsson – cover art

Gustavo Sazes – layout

Eus Straver – photography

The Top Ten

1 Blood In, Blood Out Blood In, Blood Out
2 Btk Btk

I guess this was Chuck Billy's payment since they got Souza to record some songs with Testament (on the First Strike, Still Deadly album)

now they get Chuck Billy to record a song with Exodus - christangrant

3 Salt the Wound Salt the Wound

Kirk Hammet does the guitar solo on this song nice to see he came back to do something with the band he founded. - christangrant

4 Collateral Damage
5 Black 13

Dan the Automator does the intro to this song - christangrant

6 Body Harvest
7 My Last Nerve
8 Food for the Worms
9 Angel of Death
10 Wrapped In the Arms of Rage

The Contenders

11 Protect Not Dissect
12 Honor Killings
13 Numb
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