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1 Jet Pack Blues

Jet Pack Blues and The Kid's Aren't Alright are the best songs in this album, hands down.

One of my favorite songs from Fall Out Boy. I really like the imagery given through the lyrics. Patrick's high notes, and the instrumental, all come together to make the song amazing!

Ugh, the person who said it was boring was me from like a year ago, I really regret that, I love this song so much

Voting for this because this is the song that got me into the fandom. I love everything about this from the bells and piano, to the vocals to the lyrics (that prechorus is just perfect). Love the album overall (have listened to every track except Favorite Record) and Novocaine is a VERY close second, but this is pure gold.

Also don’t kill me just because I don’t hate this album.

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2 Centuries

Beautifully put together and catchy.

Centuries was the best track by far in my opinion

I voted for this one and then immdieatley regretted it

3 Uma Thurman

This song is definitely the most memorable-it's got a great energy, and Patrick's vocals are at their best here-love the way they worked the' munsters theme in too... The music video was awesome and cute:(Patrick and the chicks) and the anti homophobia message

I think this is the best song on the album. All of the song is great! The beat is catchy and is easy to dance to.

Catchiest song in the album AND they got the title to be a celebrity's name

Uma Thurman is the best - nurnwan

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4 Novocaine

When I first listened to it, it sounded like Phoenix but the more you listen you get other parts stuck in your head and don't even realize it sounds like phoenix. Like when your drunk, you don't pay attention to much stuff and more silly things.

My favourite FOB song - so glad other people recognise it too! Once I've listened to it, I can't stop singing it for days, it's catchy, loud and exactly the song you need sometimes. Great!

This song was supposed to be on "Save Rock and Roll" but I'm glad it didn't make the cut. It wouldn't sound right if it was on the other album.

A vocal masterpiece, lyrical masterpiece and brilliant musically! Patrick's falsetto on "Love don't mean a thing to you" gives me goosebumps everyone!

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5 The Kids Aren't Alright

Not the most original song name. I mean the offspring released a song by the same name back in the late 90s, same genre and everything. Nothing against FOB though

This song is so beautiful! I'm new to FOB, and I've only heard this album (don't kill me please) but so far, this would be my favorite song by them!

This song is so addicted. It's so genuine mix with a lot of things of rock alternative and pop. Love it. Good Job Fall Out Boy

Here's my list which no one asked for:

1. The Kids Aren't Alright
2. Jet Pack Blues
3. Immortals
4. Fourth of July
5. Favorite Record
6. Centuries
7. Novocaine
8. Twin Skeleton's
9. Uma Thurman
10. Irresistible
11. American Beauty/ American Psycho

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6 Irresistible

When I first heard it, I was unhealthily obsessed with it. I still love it. it helped me discover more older fall out boy songs. it's great.

Definitely a great intro into the album, so upbeat and just makes me happy when I listen to it

The only song that is better on this album is centuries which I am still debating about

My Favorite from AB/AP and Patrick singing in Both French and Spanish just melts my heart

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7 Immortals

It fits perfectly with the story of Big Hero 6 and its adorable when Patrick sings it live and forgets the words.

It might just be the Big Hero 6 nostalgia talking, but this is one of my favorites off the album. - uofmfan1221

Living forever with the person you love would be amazing, like vampires. - Beautifulsound

1- Immortals
2- Centuries
3- Irresistible
4- The Kids Aren't RIght
5- Uma Thurman
6- Jet Pack Blues
7- Novocaine
8- Fourth Of July
9- American Beauty/American Psycho
10- Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)
11- Favorite Record

8 Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)

What?! This song is so underrated! Have you guys heard Patrick's harmonized vocals? It's just amazing. The instrumental section is quite good too.

This song is so hauntingly wonderful, I can't believe it's not higher on the list!

So underrated but so amazing

This song is definitely underrated. Like literally no one talks about it yet it’s one of my favorite FOB songs

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9 Fourth of July

This song in my belief is underrated" it is my favorite FOB song by far and I hope more people fall in love with it! I didn't hear it actually though till about a year ago"

What?! I think this one should be much higher.

I actually really like this song even if a lot of other people don't.

This is beautiful

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10 American Beauty/American Psycho

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11 Favorite Record

This song is amazing! The robotic voice made the song sound retro and nostalgic. This song is literally one of the few FOB songs that can be classed as a love song (I'm Like A Lawyer... is another one). Apart from I Don't Care, this is my favourite song by them and it should be higher on the list. It's seriously a masterpiece!

Ironic how "Favorite Record" is currently in last place - ProPanda

Agreed-I don't think the robot voice really worked -it kind of makes it sound childish

This is my fave FOB song... I don't get why people give it so much hate

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12 It's Hip to Be Square
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1. Uma Thurman
2. Jet Pack Blues
3. Centuries
1. Jet Pack Blues
2. Centuries
3. Irresistible
1. American Beauty/American Psycho
2. Twin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)
3. Immortals

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