Top 10 Songs Featured in the Music Video Segments of Beavis and Butt-Head

Because Beavis and Butthead were on MTV the creators of the show felt the need to add in muaic video segments in order to keep the show music related which it already sortof was but it was still a nice touch and give some great reactions from them. these are the best songs that have ever been featured on them whether they Beavis and Butthead said they were"Cool" or "This Sucks"

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21 Somebody Save Me - Cinderella
22 Blind - Korn

LOL When Beavis starts saying funny stuff and this line:

"This video speaks less to the heart, and more to the sphincter" - christangrant

23 Livin' on the Edge - Aerosmith
24 God of Emptiness - Morbid Angel
25 Sweating Bullets - Megadeth
26 I'm Broken - Pantera

They turn the T.V. all the way up for this video - christangrant

27 Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
28 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC

It was a live version with Brian Johnson - christangrant

29 Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
30 Supermodel - Rupaul

Beavis : This chick is hot.
Butt-head : Oh yeah? Would you make out with her?
Beavis : Yeah! I'd be all over it!
Butt-head : Really? That's a guy, Beavis.
Beavis : No way!
Butt-head : You want to make out with a dude!
Butt-head : He's got a nice butt, huh, Beavis?
Beavis : Shut up, Butt-head!
Butt-head : Ooh! He's sexy, huh, Beavis? Beavis : Shut up, Butt-head!

LOL this one is so damn funny - christangrant

31 Saddam a Go-Go - GWAR

For those who didn't know GWAR is Beavis and Buttheads favorite band - christangrant

32 For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica

The video is a live performance - christangrant

33 Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth
34 I Stay Away - Alice in Chains
35 Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
36 Basket Case - Green Day
37 Iron Man - Black Sabbath
38 From Here to Eternity - Iron Maiden
39 I Want Action - Poison

This segment is very funny they make fun of Poison - christangrant

40 High Hopes - Pink Floyd
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