Top 10 Songs Featuring Flutes


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1 Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues

Yes so far it is the best flute solo.

Best of the best

The flute solo in the middle part. Was the best part in this song (for me). I have listened quite some flute solos. But it was the best. - zxm

2 Living in the Past - Jethro Tull

They are famous for their flutes. - Metal_Treasure

Yes, like MT said, they are famous for using flutes in their songs. This song has an amazing use of flute. The whole song. - zxm

3 Long Goodbyes - Camel

Quite an underrated band, also an underrated song. But the intro flute solo was amazing. Great starting for a song. - zxm

4 Can't You See - The Marshall Tucker Band

Especially the intro flute solo. - zxm

5 I Talk to the Wind - King Crimson

The intro, after the middle part and at the ending of the song. - zxm

6 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles

John Scott when on to become a noted film & Television composer.

John Scott used a flute in this song. - zxm

7 California Dreamin' - The Mamas & The Papas

The middle part flute solo. The ending part of the flute solo was very good. - zxm

8 Going up the Country - Canned Heat

The intro flute solo, and in some other parts. That flute solo kinda sounds like a happy flute solo. - zxm

9 Legend of a Mind - The Moody Blues

For me Nights in White Satin was the best flute solo. But this was also good. - zxm

10 Mask Off - Future

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? Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull

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11 Nothing is Easy - Jethro Tull

Again Jethro Tull here. - zxm

12 Down Under - Men at Work
13 Undun - The Guess Who

Thanks for adding this. - zxm

14 The Musical Box - Genesis

Peter Gabriel frequently played flute while in Genesis. You can also hear his playing in "The Knife", "Firth of Fifth", and "Carpet Crawlers", just to name a few. - Gg2000

15 Big Shot - Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott
16 April - Deep Purple

Jon Lord used flute in the orchestration. - zxm

17 Katmandu - Cat Stevens
18 Angels Fall First - Nightwish

Played by Esa Lehtinen. the beginning and middle part are the best. Usually played after every verse. - zxm

19 Hikari no Senritsu - Yuki Kajiura

World music genre feauturing flute it's so beautiful

20 Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones

Thanks for adding it. Brian Jones used a recorder in this song. - zxm

21 Another Star - Stevie Wonder
22 Solitude - Black Sabbath
23 You Gave Up on Love (2.0) - Boston
24 Never Let Go - Camel
25 Gas Panic! - Oasis
26 Room that Echoes - Peking Man
27 Cadence and Cascade - King Crimson
28 Supertwister - Camel
29 Bouree - Jethro Tull Bouree - Jethro Tull
30 Salve, terrae magicae - Yuki Kajiura
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1. Nights in White Satin - Moody Blues
2. Living in the Past - Jethro Tull
3. Long Goodbyes - Camel


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