Best Songs from Fifth Harmony's Reflection


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1 Bo$$ Bo$$ V 2 Comments
2 Worth It Worth It

Worth it is their best single so far..

3 Sledgehammer Sledgehammer V 3 Comments
4 Brave Honest Beautiful Brave Honest Beautiful

It's such an inspiring song I love it. I am really proud of the girls for doing such a wonderful job

This is also one of my all time favorite songs.

I really love the beat and the meaning of this song, it's so beautiful.Even though Camila's voice doesn't really fit the chorus (in my opinion) she rocks it live. - Jillian

5 Top Down Top Down
6 Reflection Reflection
7 We Know We Know
8 Them Girls Be Like Them Girls Be Like
9 Going Nowhere Going Nowhere

This is one of my all time favorite 5th Harmony songs. So is Boss, Sledgehammer and This is How we Roll and Work From Home and so on...

Brave Honest And Beautiful is also one of my all time favorite songs.

10 Like Mariah Like Mariah V 1 Comment

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11 Everlasting Love Everlasting Love

I feel this song is very underrated. It is such an amazing 90s R&B throwback track that has a beautiful, yet not too overproduced, production that allows the vocals of each girl to shine. We get to hear Lauren in the beginning flow through notes effortlessly, than Camila come in with a beautiful, controlled voice that really captures the lyrics she is singing before Dinah comes in with a breathy chorus for a catchy yet mature sound for their age. Ally comes in crooning her heart out with runs that are perfectly placed before Normani comes in later with vocals that show her vulnerability yet power. Finally Dinah comes in mixed with her already gorgeous chorus to place in some powerful notes that hit there marks perfectly while the whole song also has a continuous blend of beautiful harmonies from the 5 powerful singers. It's my opinion about how great this song is since it is my favorite song of theirs and everyone has their own opinion but we have to give a huge amount of credit to ...more

That song is so amazing and Dinah's voice sounds so great.

12 Body Rock Body Rock
13 This is How We Roll This is How We Roll V 1 Comment
14 Suga Mama Suga Mama

Like it says in the chorus I can't be your suga mama

15 Miss Movin On
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