Title of Record review

AngryByrd To go along with my top ten songs from Title of Record, I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do: an online album review. I'm just going to kind of go through what I thought about this album as a whole.

I love Title of Record! This album was a very overdue follow-up to Filter's first album, Short Bus. This album came out in 1999, 4 years after Filter's debut. The aging does kind of show with this album, because it's not near as rough and industrial as Short Bus. It's sort of like a more digestible version of Filter's original sound. I personally prefer Short Bus, but this album definitely shines.

Probably the only song anybody knows from this album is the song Take A Picture. This song was pretty acoustic and mellow, and it really sounds like nothing else on the album. The rest of the album, albeit upbeat, is pretty heavy. The heaviest song on the album, and my favorite from it, is I Will Lead you. The drum pattern on this song is what really makes it heavy, but the guitar sounds unusually metallic on this song.

Some other good songs on this album are tracks 2 and 3, Captain Bligh and It's Gonna Kill Me. These songs sound very similar, almost like they could be one song. Of the two, Captain Bligh is more consistent and moderately heavy, while It's Gonna Kill Me has more of a start-stop heaviness and a nice chorus. The two sort of form a one-two punch that really makes you like both of the songs, rather than one or the other. A couple of others that I like are Cancer and The Best Things. Cancer is pretty soft and creepy for the first half, but then it explodes in the end, giving us a 6 minute long industrial epic. The Best Things is a single that sounds like a peppier version of the end of Cancer.

As far as less heavy songs, there are four: Take a Picture, I'm Not The Only One, Skinny, and Miss Blue, Skinny being the heaviest of the four. They all sound pretty nice, but I always feel like I have to tolerate Take a Picture and I'm Not the Only One. They just sort of drag a little bit to me. Not that they're bad, it's just that it kind of makes me want to listen to the heavier stuff instead.

The only song that I don't like from this album is Welcome To The Fold. I know this is sort of an unpopular opinion, but there's just something flat about this song. It doesn't really excite me like the rest of the album does.

Overall, the album is a nice balance between soft and heavy, and it's very satisfactory. It does what Filter try to do, which is make music that is heavy enough to appeal to harder rockers, and soft enough to appeal to casual listeners. Personally, I think this album was a little soft in some places, but sounded great other than that. I give Title of Record a 7/10. If you want to buy the album, it's definitely worth it. It's easy to find, and it definitely gives you what you paid for.


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