Top Ten Best Songs from Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

The Top Ten

1 The Chain The Chain

All the songs on Rumours are good, but there just isn't a competition with this here. - PositronWildhawk

2 Go Your Own Way Go Your Own Way
3 Dreams Dreams

This song is so perfect and completely and perfectly captures Nicks' emotions

4 Gold Dust Woman
5 Don't Stop
6 Second Hand News
7 You Make Loving Fun
8 Songbird
9 Oh Daddy
10 I Don't Want to Know

The Contenders

11 Never Going Back Again
12 Silver Springs

Great song!

Technically not on the original release, but I don't care. This song is absolutely amazing! The absolute best of Fleetwood Mac!

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1. The Chain
2. Go Your Own Way
3. Second Hand News
1. Dreams
2. The Chain
3. Go Your Own Way
1. The Chain
2. Go Your Own Way
3. Gold Dust Woman

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