Best Songs from Florence + The Machine's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful


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1 What Kind of Man

HBHBHB is a disappointment for me but what kind of man is really great!

2 Delilah

"It's a different kind of danger
And the bells are ringing out
And I'm calling for my mother
As I pull the pillars down
It's a different kind of danger
And my feet are spinning around
Never knew I was a dancer
'Till Delilah showed me how"

Great lyrics, great song. It's very unique, and it gives a certain feeling of passion for dancing, it can make you want to try dancing to see just what makes it such a great experience. Not many songs I know can do that. - Songsta41

3 Ship to Wreck

It's a very great tune. My favorite on the album.

4 Queen of Peace

Florence + The Machine roots are at their best on this track!

My favorite on the album - YOUnique253

5 How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
6 Third Eye

Honestly, this is my favorite song of all time. The fact that it looks at someone else's problems just to realize that they are your own is brilliant. I like it better than any other song on this album and I really love this album.

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7 St. Jude
8 Mother

The vocals and music on this track is brilliant.

9 Long & Lost

This song is beautiful.

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10 Various Storms & Saints

It is somewhat like Never let me go. Great song.

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11 Which Witch (Demo)
12 Caught
13 Hiding
14 Make Up Your Mind
15 Conductor
16 Pure Feeling
17 As Far As I Could Get
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