Best Songs for Persona 5

I Heard the source that Atlus already confirmed that Persona 5 is under development well I guess we should choose what the song can use to this game.

The Top Ten

1 Sonzai Shoumei - One Ok Rock

The songs is really make sense to the game, because Sonzai Shoumei in Japanese means Existence Proof its also refer to the character shadow and Persona that spread the truth in their hearts and it only can stop by accepting their shadow

no u

2 The Over - Uverworld

Its good to ending theme, also its make me cry overload :P *laugh out loud

3 Derangement - The Gazette

It can used for Battle scene I guess

4 The World - Nightmare

It also can be used to the game I think :P

TAKEN! - YourWaifuSucks

5 Howling - Abingdon Boys School

The lyrics also dark and so creep, also the beginning of the song you can hear the lady talk about dark world and open the truth. Its also refer that Persona Users can enter the other dimension about people alter ego and their Shadows

6 Chase - L'arc En Ciel

"I'm chasing you... Get away", the quote of the lyrics Supporting that they will find the shadow (or their shadow will find the truth about them)

7 Drink It Down - L'arc En Ciel

Because the song themed so dark and creep but elegant, and also the lyrics is about the taste of darkness, its also refer that Character has a painful and dark experience and they must drink their own dark memories (drink it down all the taste of darkness)

8 Bless - L'arc En Ciel

I think its good for the title theme, it's so peaceful and calm for the title

9 Daybreak's Bell - L'arc En Ciel

I think is good for final boss battle, the song is really really dark and heavy its good for the opening before the title

10 XXX - L'arc En Ciel

Its also good for the opening theme for Persona 5

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