Best Songs On the Gaslight Anthem's The '59 Sound


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1 The '59 Sound The '59 Sound

The Gaslight Anthems greatest song, it is so amazing and powerful, such an amazing song. - Nightlock

2 Great Expectations Great Expectations

Great song to start the album, one of the Gaslight Anthem's best - Nightlock

3 The Patient Ferris Wheel The Patient Ferris Wheel

This is possibly my favourite Gaslight Anthem song, and I was so disappointed when they didn't play it when I saw them live...oh well, I still have the album version to enjoy - Nightlock

4 The Backseat The Backseat

This is a fantastic song to finish the album, as well as many of there live sets, great song - Nightlock

5 Here's Looking at You, Kid Here's Looking at You, Kid

This song is really good, nice and slow with powerful meaningful lyrics, why can't pop music these days be more like this - Nightlock

6 Film Noir Film Noir

Great song, really love it - Nightlock

7 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Another slower song, again really good - Nightlock

8 Old White Lincoln Old White Lincoln

Great song, really classic charm - Nightlock

9 Casanova, Baby! Casanova, Baby!

Pretty damn good song, really enjoy listing to it - Nightlock

10 High Lonesome High Lonesome

Another good song, man I love the Gaslight Anthem - Nightlock

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