Best Songs on Gentle Giant's Octopus

Octopus is the 4th album by Gentle Giant, released in 1972, and contains Progressive rock and Experimental rock.

Gentle Giant are a British progressive rock band.

I have to say that Gentle Giant are the progressive rock band with the best vocals, close to them are Uriah Heep vocals - I am talking about prog rock bands of the 70s but Gentle Giant's vocals can also beat some more modern prog bands.

The Top Ten

1 The Advent of Panurge

Vocals are divine. I also like the jazzy instrumental part.
Side note:
this is the original cover of the UK release. Songs with this cover were already available on TheTopTens and I added them.
Songs with the green-ish cover weren't on TheTopTens and I added them from iTunes (iTunes didn't offer song samples with the original cover).
The green-ish cover was an Alternative cover for the US and Canadian releases. The song samples I added from iTunes with the green cover are known as "Steven Wilson Mix" (Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree). - Metal_Treasure

2 Raconteur, Troubadour

This song is a an interesting mix of jazz, classical and folk - Metal_Treasure

3 A Cry for Everyone

I think at least one Rush song was influenced by this song, especially the riff type - Metal_Treasure

4 Knots

The first half of this song is an intricate and brilliant vocal workout (madrigal-styled). - Metal_Treasure

5 The Boys in the Band

Instrumental (I like the most its fast intro, it's cool) - Metal_Treasure

6 River
7 Think of Me with Kindness
8 Dog's Life

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