Best Songs on Gentle Giant's Octopus

Octopus is the 4th album by Gentle Giant, released in 1972, and contains Progressive rock and Experimental rock.

Gentle Giant are a British progressive rock band.

I have to say that Gentle Giant are the progressive rock band with the best vocals, close to them are Uriah Heep vocals - I am talking about prog rock bands of the 70s but Gentle Giant's vocals can also beat some more modern prog bands.

The Top Ten

1 The Advent of Panurge

Vocals are divine. I also like the jazzy instrumental part.
Side note:
this is the original cover of the UK release. Songs with this cover were already available on TheTopTens and I added them.
Songs with the green-ish cover weren't on TheTopTens and I added them from iTunes (iTunes didn't offer song samples with the original cover).
The green-ish cover was an Alternative cover for the US and Canadian releases. The song samples I added from iTunes with the green cover are known as "Steven Wilson Mix" (Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree). - Metal_Treasure

2 Raconteur, Troubadour

This song is a an interesting mix of jazz, classical and folk - Metal_Treasure

3 Knots

The first half of this song is an intricate and brilliant vocal workout (madrigal-styled). - Metal_Treasure

4 A Cry for Everyone

I think at least one Rush song was influenced by this song, especially the riff type - Metal_Treasure

5 The Boys in the Band

Instrumental (I like the most its fast intro, it's cool) - Metal_Treasure

6 River
7 Think of Me with Kindness
8 Dog's Life

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1. The Advent of Panurge
2. The Boys in the Band
3. Raconteur, Troubadour
1. Knots
2. Raconteur, Troubadour
3. The Advent of Panurge
1. The Advent of Panurge
2. Raconteur, Troubadour
3. A Cry for Everyone


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