Best Songs to Get Into Dokken

This is a list of songs to listen to if you want to gain an appreciation for Dokken's music or if you want to listen to them for the first time.

The Top Ten

1 In My Dreams - Under Lock and Key

If I didn't listen to this song first when I was trying to get into dokken, I probably wouldn't even remember who they were, what's not to say about this song, it's one of their biggest hits, it includes an amazing solo, I mean come on, if you like the 80s, this is top of the list

While this isn't my favorite song from Dokken, this is a softer and catchy song if you want to get into their music. Very easy to listen to, and you'll probably be singing along by the end. - Element119

2 Breaking the Chains - Breaking the Chains

This is a very good song by Dokken, VH1 also named this song the 62nd best hard rock song. - Element119

3 Into the Fire - Tooth and Nail

This is one of my favorites from Dokken. - Element119

4 Unchain the Night - Under Lock and Key

This song is probably the song I listen to most from Dokken. I especially love the bell chimes at the beginning. - Element119

5 Don't Close Your Eyes - Tooth and Nail

Nice song here from Dokken.
"Just a shadow in the dark, you've seen this face before
Is it just a fantasy, is he coming back for more?
Out in the alleyways, there is no second chance
Moving up behind you, you've lost the game at last" - Element119

6 Prisoner - Back for the Attack

Not the most impressive lyrics, but the song is quite catchy if you like songs you can sing along to. - Element119

7 Kiss of Death - Back for the Attack

While some of the songs on this list I would consider rock, this song I'd probably consider metal. A very good song as well. - Element119

8 Til the Living End - Under Lock & Key Til the Living End - Under Lock & Key

This song is pretty similar to Tooth and Nail, I honestly like this one slightly better, but both songs are good. - Element119

9 Tooth and Nail - Tooth and Nail

This song is very fast and relentless with its tempo and drumming. Dokken is also on Wikipedia's list of speed metal bands with this song. - Element119

10 Lightnin' Strikes Again - Under Lock and Key

The ending is a little boring when "lightning" gets sung at the end over and over for about 30 seconds, but other than that, it's a pretty nice song. - Element119

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