Top 10 Songs to Get Into Groove Metal

Ah Groove Metal you're my favorite genre of Metal for many reasons, but anyway, this list is about songs that can get you into Groove Metal.

The Top Ten

1 Walk - Pantera

This was the first Pantera song I heard and it worked for me. - Metal_Treasure

2 Cowboys From Hell - Pantera

First Pantera song I heard. - Userguy44

This was many people's first experience with Groove Metal so it definitely deserves to be Number 1 - christangrant

3 Roots Bloody Roots - Sepultura
4 I'm Broken - Pantera
5 5 Minutes Alone - Pantera
6 Thunder Kiss '65 - White Zombie
7 Black Sunshine - White Zombie
8 Dragula - Rob Zombie
9 Funeral Bell - Black Label Society
10 Halo - Machine Head
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