Best Songs to Get You Into Fugazi

Fugazi is an awesome hardcore band that really helped push forward the genre. From their earlier days of the post-hardcore style or the later years going in a more experimental direction, Fugazi always remained a force to be reckoned with.

These are my picks on what would be the best tracks to get into Fugazi. I tried to pick something from each era. Please add your own as well, I'm sure there's a few I missed.

The Top Ten

Waiting Room Waiting Room Cover Art

Waiting Room is probably their most popular track. It has a pretty addictive bassline and some excellent duet vocals by both Ian and Guy.

Repeater Repeater Cover Art

Repeater will have you sing it's chorus randomly out loud "Repeater! Repeater! 1, 2, 3, Repeater!"
It's also just a really cool song instrumentally, with a great groove.

Public Witness Program Public Witness Program Cover Art

This next song is from their third album (my favorite by them) and it's a short but extremely catchy track with lot's of energy and attitude.

Cashout Cashout Cover Art

This next song is from their last album and it's a pretty different track than the others as it's a lot more slower and builds more of an atmosphere. However it's an excellent track that really elevates the band's more mature songwriting abilities.

Merchandise Merchandise Cover Art

Merchandise is an extremely energetic and punky song that was actually one of the first tracks by the band that I really connected with. You'll notice this band is really good at busting out some fast-paced and catchy bangers and this song is no different.

Blueprint Blueprint Cover Art

Blueprint is a really great iconic track by the band. It starts with this soft clean guitar riff but it explodes into the chorus. It's a bombastic track that sits as a great centerpiece for the album and it's a great track to start with.

Bed for the Scraping Bed for the Scraping Cover Art

Next up, something from their 4th album Red Medicine. Bed for the Scraping is a pretty kickass track that has an amazing bassline and some great bluesy licks. It's such a fun and catchy track, a real highlight of the band's.

Arpeggiator Arpeggiator Cover Art

Alright we have something from End Hits and it's this amazing instrumental. It's both beautiful and it rocks. It goes through so many cool moments throughout all while maintaining this arpeggio flow.

Epic Problem Epic Problem Cover Art

Another track from their last album. Epic Problem is an expertly paced track that really does feel "epic". But the best moment is near the end where the band picks things up into something even greater.

Long Division Long Division Cover Art

And finally we have this softer, lonelier track from their second album. It's short but it let's itself breath out more, giving an emotional track.

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