Top 10 Songs to Get You Into Gorillaz

Songs for beginner Gorillaz fans/ people that are unfamiliar with their work. If you think I missed one feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 Feel Good Inc.

It's their most overrated song but it's not surprising why it has so much attention it's probably a lot of people's first Gorillaz song and is great for beginners.

I'm not trying to offend your music taste but what is the big deal with gorrilaz and what is it about? - Kevinsidis

They're a experimental band and I find their music relatively interesting is that a problem?

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2 On Melancholy Hill

Peaceful and melodic like all of their songs but pretty decent for beginners.

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3 Doncamatic

Great for beginners in my opinion.

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4 Kids with Guns

A decent choice for beginners.

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5 Clint Eastwood

A bit overrated but good for beginners.

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6 Every Planet We Reach is Dead

One of the songs that got me into this band really easily.

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7 Tomorrow Comes Today

Personally my favorite song by them but I think it's good for beginners to.

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8 Empire Ants

It's okay enough for beginners.

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10 Busted and Blue Busted and Blue

Melodic and solid for beginners.

The Contenders

11 Saturnz Barz

A good mix of guest artist influence and pure Gorillaz sound - kempokid

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12 Dirty Harry

My favorite by them. - JCHOW

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13 Last Living Souls

I think it's alright for beginners.

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15 Dare
16 El MaƱana UListen to Sample
17 Stylo UListen to Sample
18 Don't Get Lost in Heaven UListen to Sample
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