Top 10 Songs to Get You Into Iced Earth

Iced Earth are an American heavy metal band formed in 1985. Their music isn't extreme - most of their songs are melodic but with thrashy riffs.

What to expect? Great and powerful vocals, and riffs bigger than oak trees.

This list isn't about their best songs - I had in mind that some of Iced Earth's future fans may be new to metal and songs like Dante's Inferno are great but might be too long (this one is nearly 20 minutes long).

My original top 10 is a mix of songs for both beginners and more advanced metal fans. The most suitable songs would be different depending on the level.
So this isn't a rating of their songs - I personally like some songs that I put lower on this list.

The Top Ten

1 Melancholy (Holy Martyr)

I have to say I respect this band a lot - not saying all their songs or albums are masterpieces but they stayed true to metal even in the 90s when many metal bands stopped making music or added to their sound rap, grunge, hip hop, electronic and the like. Iced Earth had some unfavorable lineup changes that affected their career but they survived (mostly thanks to Jon Schaffer, rhythm guitarist). - Metal_Treasure

Melancholy is one of their softest songs and chorus is pretty catchy so I think this is good for beginners - Metal_Treasure

I love this band

2 Dracula

You can also hear a fretless bass - such a great sound. - Metal_Treasure

3 A Question of Heaven

Another softer song with great vocals by Matt Barlow - Metal_Treasure

4 Dante's Inferno

Their magnum opus, in other words - their best song according to many (some may disagree but most would). - Metal_Treasure

This is the song that got me into Iced Earth.

5 Anthem

A very good one with singer Stu Block - Metal_Treasure

6 Travel In Stygian

This is a heavier song - Metal_Treasure

7 The Coming Curse

One of their most epic songs - Metal_Treasure

8 Burnt Offerings
9 Damien

A softer song but it's epic. - Metal_Treasure

10 Watching Over Me

The Contenders

11 Ten Thousand Strong
12 I Died for You
13 Boiling Point
14 Come What May

A mid-tempo, not very heavy song. - Metal_Treasure

15 Ghost of Freedom

A ballad (and it's soft, of course) - Metal_Treasure

16 When the Night Falls

This is the epic of their debut album and was one of the songs I first loved by them. There are two versions, one with Matt Barlow and one with Gene Adam. Both are great. - IronSabbathPriest

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