Top Ten Songs to Get You Into Mastodon

The Top Ten

1 Blood and Thunder

This song is a no-no.

More like a song to turn you off and loathe the band. Terrible choice to introduce someone to Mastodon. This list is more like "My Favorite Mastodon Songs" - Vip3r

2 Divinations
3 Oblivion
4 March of the Fire Ants
5 The Wolf Is Loose
6 Colony of Birchmen

This song is downright horrible. Don't understand why anyone would recommend this trash. - Vip3r

7 The Motherload
8 Crack the Skye
9 Curl of the Burl
10 Dry Bone Valley

The Contenders

11 Hearts Alive
12 Megalodon
13 The Sparrow
14 Iron Tusk
15 Black Tongue
16 Andromeda
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