Top Ten Songs To Get You Into Metallica

The Top Ten

1 Enter Sandman

This got me into Metallica. - Userguy44

Yes, this is an exceptional metal song, because it became very popular in the pop culture...

2 For Whom the Bell Tolls
3 One

I hated this song first, but I really like it now. - Userguy44

This was my 1st Metallica song.

4 Hardwired

This song got me to like Metallica more. This song is awesome and hardcore!

I listened to this song, and this song got me into Metallica.

5 Master of Puppets

One of the first Metallica songs I've heard. - Userguy44

6 Nothing Else Matters

The solo of this song made me to love metallica. - zxm

7 The Unforgiven

Epic yet mellow power ballad. A must listen for anyone getting into Metallica (Or Metal in general) :). - CrimsonShark

8 Seek & Destroy
9 Wherever I May Roam
10 Ride the Lightning

The Contenders

11 Fade to Black

Only song that worked for me. - zxm

12 Orion
13 Battery
14 Until It Sleeps
15 Blackened
16 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
17 Moth Into Flame
18 Fuel
19 The Day that Never Comes
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