Best Songs to Get You Into a Perfect Circle

Up next for my "Get You Into" lists is A Perfect Circle. An Alternative Rock supergroup that is definitely worth getting into.
Here we have 10 songs I selected to help get a newcomer into this band.

The Top Ten

1 Judith

It's one of their most popular songs out there. It's a good Alternative rock track that can be an excellent gateway to APC - cjWriter1997

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2 The Outsider

Another one of their most popular songs. This one is probably one of their more heavier tracks. It's a pretty good song to start with - cjWriter1997

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3 Pet

This is one of their heaviest tracks and it can probably pull the interest to those who like more heavier stuff. - cjWriter1997

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4 3 Libras

Another great song to check out if you want to get into A Perfect Circle. This can show their more melodic softer side pretty well. - cjWriter1997

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5 Passive

One of their best songs from their eMOTIVe record. Honestly one of my top favorites as well. - cjWriter1997

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6 Blue

This song has a good bassline that can get stuck in your head. Also one of my top favorites and one I recommend using to get into the band. - cjWriter1997

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7 The Doomed

This is one of the best songs from their newest record. It's a bit more symphonic than some of their earlier stuff but it's still a good song to try out. - cjWriter1997

Gave Eat the Elephant a listen. Pretty good album; I liked "The Contrarian" and "Feathers" the most. - DCfnaf

In that case, definitely check out Mer de Noms and Thirteenth Step whenever you get the chance to. - cjWriter1997

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8 Weak and Powerless

Another great song from Thirteenth Step that can be a good song to get into. - cjWriter1997

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9 The Noose

The layering in the last minute or so really makes this song amazing - kempokid

This has a slower start to it but it pays off amazingly in the end. It's one of their best songs in my opinion. - cjWriter1997

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10 The Hollow

I would not have liked A Perfect Circle if it was not for this song. - NuMetalManiak

Another good track from Mer de Noms that is worth getting into. - cjWriter1997

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