Best Songs to Get You Into Underworld

Interested in Techno music? Well why not try out this very sweet techno band Underworld.

In this list, much like all similar lists I made of this kind, I'll list some good songs to start out with. Hopefully some of these may appeal to you.

The Top Ten

1 Cowgirl

If any Underworld track I think you should start with just to see what the band is all about, it's this one. I'll go out and say that Cowgirl might be Underworld's best output. It's energetic, fun and thriving in danceable grooves. Absolute classic techno track. - cjWriter1997

2 Pearl's Girl

This song is an incredible musical journey that sounds like your soaring through the sky. The song to make me a fan personally. - cjWriter1997

3 Jumbo

A very beautiful techno track. Seems to just keep building and building as the song progresses. It's no doubt that this is one of their most popular songs as well. - cjWriter1997

4 Dark & Long

Please note there are different versions of this track. I picked the album version as that is the one I am most familiar with. This song has a great atmosphere. - cjWriter1997

5 Born Slippy

This is the band's most popular track. Trainspotting fans know this one for sure. - cjWriter1997

6 Two Months Off

This one is extremely catchy and fun. It's a really feel good techno track that almost anyone can enjoy. - cjWriter1997

7 Juanita: Kiteless: To Dream of Love

This song is over 16 minutes but it always progresses and never gets too repetitive. If you are willing to sit through this, you'll find yourself listening to one of the coolest techno experiences ever. - cjWriter1997

8 Dirty Epic

A classic Underworld track that's slower in pace but still totally worth checking out. Works well with the track Cowgirl since they are next to each other in their respective album. - cjWriter1997

9 Crocodile

Another solid techno track to check out from this band. This one is pretty funky. - cjWriter1997

10 8 Ball

One more great track to check out. This one is pretty popular as well. Kind of has a more poppy beat to it. - cjWriter1997

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