Ghost - Meliora Album Review

I know this album is three months old, and I've only done one review of a newer album this year. That was The Book of Souls by Iron Maiden. And I only really reviewed that as a special occasion, what with Maiden being my first and favourite band I ever listened to.

But I just have to review Meliora. Because Ghost are a really underrated band on this site, and the only other person I know likes them is ryanrimmel. So I'll review this to try and promote the band. I may start reviewing other newer albums that were released this year.

Meliora is the third album by this band. They're on their third Papa Emeritus and have produced, well, basically an instant classic. This is a mature album that blends very well the styles of Opus Eponymous The theme of this album is "the absence of God".

This album flows very well. In particular the first half. The album opens with Spirit, a five minute opener where you can hear a few Opeth influences lying around. I love the synthesiser intro, the catchy chorus, and the lyrics are great, not to mention the guitar solo. This is a very solid track.

Then you hear the two singles, From the Pinnacle to the Pit and Cirice. The latter is honestly one of the best Ghost songs I've ever heard. Beginning with a soft and eerie acoustic intro, this song build off of that and becomes more intense with each verse and chorus. Ahh, that chorus. Absolute must have track.

When you get into the latter part of the album is when things start to get interesting. He Is is a great song. The lyrics sound like a love song... For the devil, lol. I like how it flows from Spöksonat - a minute long acoustic instrumental. I quite like the instrumental passages on the album. They help it's flow. The other instrumental is Devil Church, which doesn't really carry anything of significant value, but it's still good to have on the album, if you get what I mean. That flows into Absolution, which I'll admit took a while for me to get into, but after a few listens I began really enjoying it. It sound almost like a Slayer song until the chorus (oh cry for absolution!) and keyboard kicks in.

So what about the remaining songs? Majesty is cool. That song has a great chorus and the verses are also very catchy. This is also the third single from the album. But I chose not to listen to it before the album came out, because otherwise I would've heard three out of ten songs, which is quite a lot.

Mummy Dust and Deus in Absentia. These are the two songs that were a bit difficult for me to get into. Mummy Dust has grown on me a bit, and I like some of the dark lyrics although some of it sounds cheesey. The same can be said about Deus in Absentia. Not a fan of the cheesey choir elements at the end of the track. Otherwise the song isn't that bad. It sums the album up pretty well and still manages to bring in it's own uniqueness.

Overall, I say this is Ghost's best album! It flows better than Infestissumam, and while that album had some incredible songs, they were just highlights. This album is easy to listen to, it grabs your attention from the opening synthesiser of Spirit, and doesn't let go until the closing choir of Deus In Absentia. Must listen album.

Rating: 9/10



This is a damn good Ghost B.C. album, and just a good metal album in general. I love Cirice, it deserved it's Grammy win. To conclude, good album and good review - Shake_n_Bake13

I like Ghost - SoldierOfFortune

Yeah no s*** I do old me - SoldierOfFortune