Best Songs Off the Gorillaz's Demon Days Album


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1 Feel Good Inc.

I love the bass guitar and vocals. They really make this song sheer perfection! I absolutely LOVE Feel Good Inc. And I believe that it is the best out of ALL of theirs songs.

Of course Feel Good Inc is the best from Demon Days it goes without saying!

This song is Gorillaz at their best. The whole track is amazing from 2-D's vocals to De La Soul's rap verse, this track always gets me. My favorite song by them so far. I've listened to every Gorillaz song ever made and own all of the albums, but this song has always stuck me.

This is my favorite Gorillaz song! Only rivaled by Clint Eastwood and DARE.

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2 El Manana

Great smount of emotion in this song

3 Dirty Harry

With a catchy upbeat tune with a kid's choir in the background Dirty Harry is one of those songs where it's hard to not just want to dance. Add the wonderfully versed rap by Bootie Brown brings it all together into a perfectly crafted masterpiece of a song.

4 Kids with Guns

As much as I hate to admit it, my favorite song on this album is about kids with guns

5 Every Planet We Reach is Dead
6 Dare

What. This should be higher.

Should be higher


great song

7 O Green World

This song is my favorite of this band, because we appear something bigger into the only planet that contains life and it contains a lot of unknown sounds of actual innovation. Perfect song for the game series Fallout if you think about it.

Those vocals about 45 seconds in are what make me love this song

The instruments along with 2-D's vocals are just amazing.

8 Last Living Souls

The sad part of this song is honestly the best part of the album. I wish it was longer.

9 November Has Come
10 All Alone

The Contenders

11 Demon Days

What, this should be between the top 5 gorillaz songs of all time to my humble opinion

This song is beautiful it is actually heavenly because of everything mainly the vocals

Way too low on the list. My favorite Gorillaz song.

12 Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head
13 White Light
14 Don't Get Lost in Heaven
15 Intro
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