Best Songs Off the Gorillaz's The Fall Album


The Top Ten

1 Revolving Doors
2 Amarillo

This track is so overlooked and deserves so much more attention. This song produces so many feelings at once and it's amazing. Best song on this album next to Revolving Doors and The Perish Of Space Dust.

This one was the best song! Really original yet catchy... a bit. - keyson

So beautiful and underrated!

This album is REALLY underrated. And that's really sad, because it has a few great, catchy tunes. Sure, it isn't Demon Days 2.0, but The Fall has this unique sound that you can only get from Damon Albarn. This is Damon's solo album that he created by himself using his iPad, and for some reason everyone seems to think it's a really bad album because of it.

Amarillo is a sad song that makes you feel quite melancholy. The slow, beautiful beat and Damon's slow, beautiful vocals mix together to create a great Gorillaz song that everyone seems to needlessly overlook.

3 Little Pink Plastic Bags
4 Bobby In Phoenix
5 Phoner to Arizona
6 Hillbilly Man
7 The Joplin Spider
8 The Parish of Space Dust
9 Detroit
10 Shy-Town

The Contenders

11 Aspen Forest
12 The Snake In Dallas
13 California and the Slipping of the Sun
14 Seattle Yodel

I live in Seattle god I don't like any of the songs but this one cracks me up so... GO SEATTLE YODEL!

Amarillo is the best but this one is really funny

yo - SnuckleBerg

15 The Speak It Mountains
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1. Revolving Doors
2. Amarillo
3. The Joplin Spider
1. Phoner to Arizona
2. Revolving Doors
3. Hillbilly Man
1. Bobby In Phoenix
2. Amarillo
3. Little Pink Plastic Bags

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