Best Songs on Gorillaz's Humanz

Best songs off Humanz so far (from the leaks and available songs out now I can make a top ten now), and when the actual album comes out we can add on to the list.

The Top Ten

1 Saturnz Barz

Yo, I get goosebumps when 2D jumps on the track - Mcgillacuddy

2 Let Me Out
3 She's My Collar She's My Collar

YAS! This song is so HOT! Definitely one of Gorillaz's best songs in their entire discography. I hope there will be a music video for this fantastic song.

4 Andromeda

In my opinion, better than Saturnz Barz

5 Ascension

Masterpiece. Loved the song a lot (until it was about trump lol I love trump) but still great. This and she's my collar are amazing

Only song I really liked. - djpenquin999

6 Charger Charger

Great song. Grace Jones's haunting vocals and Damon's (2-D's) equally good presentation mix together for a smooth, enchanting song that grabs you from just the first few seconds.

7 Busted and Blue Busted and Blue

Different, but pays homage to the original sound.

Honestly, this song is so good, its pretty different than all the other songs on the album,but I like that. - powdered

8 The Apprentice
9 Momentz Momentz

Great song

10 We Got the Power

The Contenders

11 Strobelite Strobelite

Alright, I love we got the power, AND strobelight the same, but strobelight deserves number one, no kidding, and we got the power, two. THIS IS INJUSTICE PEOPLE, INJUSTICE!

12 Hallelujah Money Hallelujah Money
13 Submission Submission
14 Carnival Carnival
15 Out of Body Out of Body
16 Ticker Tape Ticker Tape
17 Interlude: Elevator Going Up Interlude: Elevator Going Up

Should be number 1. Great song.

18 Sex Murder Party Sex Murder Party
19 Interlude: New World Interlude: New World

This interlude is by far the best out of all of them. It's dark, scary, and does a good job setting up the deluxe tracks.

20 Intro: I Switched My Robot Off Intro: I Switched My Robot Off
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1. Saturnz Barz
2. Busted and Blue
3. Hallelujah Money
1. Saturnz Barz
2. Let Me Out
3. Andromeda
1. She's My Collar
2. Saturnz Barz
3. Let Me Out

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Album Review no.8: Humanz - Gorillaz
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