Best Songs on Gorillaz's Humanz

Best songs off Humanz so far (from the leaks and available songs out now I can make a top ten now), and when the actual album comes out we can add on to the list.

The Top Ten

1 Saturnz Barz

The spacey synths and cool modern beat mixed in with 2D's slow sad vocals is EVERYTHING TO ME!

Yo, I get goosebumps when 2D jumps on the track - Mcgillacuddy


All my loife - WickedStar

2 Andromeda

This song shows a lot of meaning that is not seen much. Also, the track fits so many moods, like if you're sad or just want to have a good time. I wish there were more tracks like this on the album because, of how amazing it is. Love this song so much.

Andromeda is a by far the best song in Humanz, and it might even rival Feel Good Inc. It was a great 80's style, and the lyrics are undefinable, but that's why I love it so much. And the instrumentals are to die for. It gives me a nostalgic, yet new vibe, and it's hard for a song to do that. I've never quite heard a song with such a specific mellow and comforting yet upbeat vibe.


In my opinion, better than Saturnz Barz

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3 She's My Collar She's My Collar

YAS! This song is so HOT! Definitely one of Gorillaz's best songs in their entire discography. I hope there will be a music video for this fantastic song.

4 Let Me Out

BEst song, with so much meaning. I love strobe light to, and we got the power, but dang. - BBugQueen

5 Ascension

great song

Masterpiece. Loved the song a lot (until it was about trump lol I love trump) but still great. This and she's my collar are amazing

Only song I really liked. - djpenquin999

6 Busted and Blue Busted and Blue

Different, but pays homage to the original sound.

Honestly, this song is so good, its pretty different than all the other songs on the album,but I like that. - powdered

7 Momentz Momentz

De La Soul and Gorillaz rock it again

Great song

8 Charger Charger

Haha take this devon

The guitar loop is what makes this song amazing. Also, unlike many tracks on this album, this one is mostly 2D with a little Grace Jones, who does an awesome job by the way.

Great song. Grace Jones's haunting vocals and Damon's (2-D's) equally good presentation mix together for a smooth, enchanting song that grabs you from just the first few seconds.

9 We Got the Power
10 Hallelujah Money Hallelujah Money

Severly underrated. - winterbreeze

The Contenders

11 Strobelite Strobelite

Alright, I love we got the power, AND strobelight the same, but strobelight deserves number one, no kidding, and we got the power, two. THIS IS INJUSTICE PEOPLE, INJUSTICE!

12 The Apprentice

This should be higher

13 Submission Submission
14 Carnival Carnival
15 Out of Body Out of Body

Deserved to be higher on list, lyrics are creepy and the vocals are down right chilling at some points. Very different but also amazing at the same time.

Great song

16 Ticker Tape Ticker Tape

Best deluxe track by a landslide

Pure beauty

17 Sex Murder Party Sex Murder Party
18 Interlude: Elevator Going Up Interlude: Elevator Going Up

One of Gorillaz's most emotional songs. Beats Empire Ants out of the park. The subtle instrumentals and beautiful lyrics will definitely become iconic over time. - winterbreeze

Should be number 1. Great song.

19 Circle of Friendz Circle of Friendz
20 Interlude: The Non - Conformist Oath Interlude: The Non - Conformist Oath
21 Interlude: New World Interlude: New World

This interlude is by far the best out of all of them. It's dark, scary, and does a good job setting up the deluxe tracks.

22 Intro: I Switched My Robot Off Intro: I Switched My Robot Off
23 Interlude: Talk Radio Interlude: Talk Radio
24 Interlude: Penthouse Interlude: Penthouse
25 Interlude: The Elephant Interlude: The Elephant
26 Halfway to the Halfway House Halfway to the Halfway House
27 Colombians


28 Tranzformer

It's a shame that this is only on the expensive super-deluxe edition of Humanz. - winterbreeze

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1. Saturnz Barz
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1. Saturnz Barz
2. Let Me Out
3. Andromeda
1. She's My Collar
2. Saturnz Barz
3. Let Me Out

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